Xbox Live log in issue fixed

xbox support twitter says "Thanks for your patience, Xbox Live is good to go! Try these specific steps to get back in the game now: ^CW"


more info at

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Boody-Bandit1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

So all players need to do is power cycle their console and it will work now. I wonder if this is just for an immediate fix now or does everyone have to go through these steps that is having connection issues.

Hopefully when mine arrives tomorrow I can just put the disc in the tray and jump on.

Good to know.

phantomera1683d ago

No, the power cycling is only for people who are still having issue after this fix.

cl19831683d ago

After you down load all those updates (like any software anymore, stupid day one patches)

kingdip901683d ago

Most systems reboot automatically after even a small update, if that was the issue shouldn't it have been resolved then?

SolidGear31683d ago

Look at that cute blue bird in the header picture :3