What's The Future For The Last Generation's Big Franchises?

As this past generation of home consoles prepares to ride off into the sunset, we thought it was an appropriate time to look back at new franchises that defined the past nine years in console gaming – and predict how likely it is they will continue in the future.

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combatcash2876d ago

Give me a Gears remake so that I have a reason to buy an xbox one and a nice fable original. For my ps4 just make sure I get a new uncharted, last of us and god of war and i'll be good to go.

Amplitude2876d ago

Harmonix has said multiple times that Rock Band is "on hiatus" and will make a comeback soon.

Spikeantestor2876d ago

I may not have enjoyed any game this past generation as much as Fallout 3. So a sequel to that would certainly interest the pants off me.