The Church Hates Gamers

Drew Koehler from Cross Console Gamers writes:
I don't usually rant just to rant so please hear me out. I am absolutely sick and tired of people in the church demonizing gamers. It does nothing but bring guilt and condemnation to people and makes you look stupid. I can't even count anymore the times I have heard things like:

-"living in his parents basement playing video games"
-"fat lazy slob who games all the time"
-"gamers who do nothing but want to live in a fantasy world by playing all of the time"

Do you want to discredit yourself as someone who is in the "know"? Then disrespect a person who plays video games.

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ArchangelMike1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

The Media is much more responsible for stereotyping gamers than any Church ever has. I don't agree that the 'Church hates gamers'. Which church for starters? The Catholic Church? The Anglican/Presbyterian Church, or the Orthodox Church? Or do you mean the Pentecostal or Baptist Church?

It's a massive generalisation that really has no evidence to back it up.

If the headline had been "the News Media hates gamers" then I would have been more inclined to agree.

Between the News Media and the Government, there is a huge bias against games and gamers in general, to the point of absurdity.

Remember Jack Thompson? I wonder what he's doing with his time these days...

Hugodastrevas1681d ago

When you want to de-humanize a group of people and make judgement on their beliefs it's easier to put them all in the same bag and call it a day.

I'm a christian and my favourite games are Demon's Soul and Dark Souls... Your move atheists!


MetaReapre1681d ago

I do agree with stereotyping being more of a media thing however, with Christian churches (one that my family goes to) there is plenty of demonizing video games and gay people and such... I've been witness to those who say gay people are bad and video games are demonic... It's why I absolutely hate religion. When the church found out that I like to play dungeons and dragons they told me I should never play it... Like seriously??
And if this was just one church I'd just suspect it was just the city I've lived in, but no. I've lived in 3 different places, my home town, which is pretty small and then 2 cities in BC and Alberta and I've seen enough of it to sicken a person. There are too many blind followers.

1681d ago
MetaReapre1680d ago

Yes the bible says being gay is bad but homosexuals should not be alienated like I've seen. The Bible also states not to judge others, as that is only gods job to do, and to love everyone no mater what. Where is that?

Ultraplayerxp1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

Are you talking church singular or church as in every church out there? Because if you were talking about the latter, then you'd be guilty of the same kind of generalization you claim to hate so much.

TheRealHeisenberg1681d ago

This is bogus. My pastors (husband & wife team) game more than I do. My previous church used to have LAN parties for Halo, Call of Duty and whatever. Don't buy this crap people.

Ultraplayerxp1681d ago

That's great. My pastor got a PS4 before I did. He also got the other pastors in my church to get into gaming and buy consoles.

TheRealHeisenberg1681d ago

Same here except that I don have one yet. My pastor and his son did some sort of savings plan where they started with $1 on the first day and doubled it until they had enough money for each to buy a PS4 on launch day.

One of our other pastors is a hardcore PC gamer. He is pretty much our go to guy for advice on PC hardware.

ArchangelMike1681d ago

Exactly. I've always used game nights and LAN parties for youth groups and cell groups. We have no problem with it at all.

WeAreLegion1681d ago

LAN parties are huge at my church. We have them once a month. Unreal Tournament 04, Tribes Ascend, and Nexuiz seem to be the current favorites.

Peter_Warrior1681d ago

Consoles to plowshares.

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