Global Weekly Chart Ending 3/1/2014

PS4 162,280 (-64%) 6,009,474
3DS 122,720 (+1%) 43,280,936
XOne 67,429 (+19%) 3,612,376
PS3 59,712 (+2%) 81,348,596
PSV 44,796 (+11%) 7,653,440
WiiU 39,462 (-11%) 5,804,946
X360 25,686 (-11%) 80,350,677
PSP 15,207 (+1%) 80,449,988
Wii 12,071 (-6%) 100,532,912
Total 549,363 (-34%)

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Hatsune-Miku1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

PlayStation domination . Ps4 sold twice the amount of the xbox one because its quite clear thatthe ps4 is the best choice for gaming.

TomShoe1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Agreed, the PS4 is continuing to do very well in all countries. I wonder how the Titanfall launch is going to affect sales in prime territories.

My prediction: Titanfall will allow the XBO to potentially overtake the PS4 in the US and cut into it's lead in the UK. However, that probably won't be enough to gain ground WW, due to the combined sales in the rest of Europe and Japan. I expect the 360 version of Titanfall to sell very well though, I have faith in Bluepoint games to put out a good port. Strong sales will continue through March and possibly into April, but Infamous: SS might put a damper on them, considering it's PS4 only.

Try not to take this prediction too seriously, it's just my humble opinion.

Lucreto1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

How will it catch up in the UK where the Titanfall bundle is not even in the top 20 three days from release. So the game is still at number one that means the only people buying it are people who already own the console.

NeoTribe1771d ago

Lol you really think titanfall is gonna make x1 catch up and overtake the ps4? Do you have any idea how far ahead sony is? Do you realise infamous is comming aswell to sell more ps4s?

TomShoe1771d ago Show
firefly691771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Look Xboxone have Titanfall but is not exclusive and the PS4 haves Infamous SS that also comes on bundles like Titanfall on the Xboxone,so my guess is that The Xboxone is not going to overtake the Ps4 in US or WW just due to Titanfall thats almost certain.The WII U is still ahead of the Xboxone WW so i have to say that Microsoft have yet to do some work if they want to keep good sales and the first thing they should do after the Titanfall is lower the price to have a chance to compete first with the WII U.

abzdine1770d ago

damn almost double sales..
competition doesn't exist!!
inFamous, MGS V on the way it's game over.

JOEgolferG1770d ago

@ TomShoe. lol funny comment and also true.

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aceitman1771d ago

Can someone tell me if plants vs zombie garden warfare not doing well in its 1st week in sales or is it doing well, if it's not doing well , I see pvz coming out on playstation platforms sooner than later.

Lucreto1771d ago

Garden warfare and peggle are Xbox first titles. They were always planned to be on PS4 just a few months later.

OpieWinston1771d ago

Well they've always referred to PvZ GW as a "First on Xbox" BUT that relates more to it being released on PC later.

I could see it hitting PS3/PS4 in a year or two...Popcap is a small studio and can't handle a large demand and still needs to fix a few kinks in the game.

The biggest problem with it is the fact that it uses EA servers...and they're GARBAGE.

Eldyraen1771d ago

175k in a week (360/One combined) is pretty good for what is essentially a smaller title. It has a following and is a great game but many may have passed as Titanfall was so close. The simple fact PvZ released so close to TF will hurt its sales but it could still sell well in the end but maybe not so well as they would had liked.

It is a big franchise (name is recognizable) but to me the game isn't going to be a huge seller. Instead it is sort of a bigger budget, more expensive Arcade title that IS worth the price but just doesn't cater to the masses as well as it could had.

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videgamenext11771d ago

Just bought a ps4 last week and kinda regret it. To be honest ps3 is the best choice for gaming right now.

RiPPn1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Why would you regret it? You don't buy a console for it's launch offerings, and given Sony's track record, you know the goods are coming. Sure you could have waited what 1 to 2 years and maybe saved $100 bucks when the price drops, but that's $100 for 1 to 2 years you get to enjoy the system. My point is it's too early for regrets.

KwietStorm1771d ago

So your first console at launch then?

videgamenext11771d ago

No ive gotten a few consoles at launch all have been bad but i feel for 400 bucks plus 50 for ps plus i shouldve held on to my ps3. I have a wiiu and 3dsas well so i game on those also. But im into jrpgs and 3 person action titles, i know mgs5 and infamous are coming out soon but for my style of gaming thats all until arkham knight so far. Im not saying its a bad console but for a person who loves to play games its consoles out that offer more than ps4 right now. Key word is right now lol.

ABizzel11771d ago

Why would you get rid of the PS3? We keep telling everyone don't get rid of it, simply because PS+ takes care of the PS3 alone. You don't even have to buy games for it anymore.

You should have at least kept it until Gaikai launched and seen if it was worth getting rid of then.

Now is not the time for most people to buy a console and I tell all my friends who are casual-core gamers to at least wait until the end of 2014 for a holiday bundle, before buying their next-gen console, since you'll get extra freebies and more games will be out by then.

But never get rid of the PS3.

Death1770d ago

"You don't buy consoles for their launch offerings"

"...PS+ takes care of the PS3 alone. You don't even have to buy games for it anymore."

It is this mindset that is killing Sony. Sony needs to sell software to offset hardware losses and bring in much needed revenue. If you didn't buy a PS4 for the launch titles, you should have waited. Plus should suppliment your game library, not replace it. Sony needs the support of it's fans now more than ever. Coming to an online message board isn't the support they need, it is game sales.

Ju1770d ago needs so many Software sales the leading next gen platform on SW right. Right. Not counting online sales. /s

oh...wait. It IS the number 1 next gen console - In HW and SW sales.

scott1821770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

ha, yeah, the PS4 is really struggling in software sales.... Most multiplats are sold on the PS4, that alone is huge for profits.

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Gamer19821771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

In a week where Xbox outsold ps4 in US. This is now without Japanese initial sales too.. Still more than double sales of PS4 over xbox one worldwide. Come July The PS4 will have double total numbers over Xbox one at this rate..

TooHigh2Die1771d ago

Once Infamous releases with high review scores sales for PS4 will only go up even more and once E3 shows off the other titles Sony is working on it will only get better for Sony.

firefly691771d ago

Im really expecting some so call reviewer to burn Infamous SS just for the pure evil,and some because we all know are on the payroll for the competition.

ITPython1770d ago

It's guaranteed that MS have been touring all the big gaming media outlets dropping hay-bails of cash at their feet to downplay Infamous:SS and to be really hard on it in terms of review scores. This happened nearly all last gen, and even though the PS4 is dominating which means reviewers are more likely to rate its games favorably, MS's pockets know no bounds.

Just wait for it, many reviewers are going to pick Infamous SS apart like no other, they'll probably say things like "This game offers nothing new, the story is bland, and the visuals are so-so". Then at the same time they give some generic graphically last-gen FPS a 10/10 with flying colors.

Bernlock1771d ago

Xbox is only in 13 territories.

KwietStorm1771d ago

What's heavier, 1 pound of feathers or 1 pound of bricks?

MRMagoo1231771d ago

Xbone is getting outsold in every country it is released in by the PS4 so whats that tell you ubertrollyexpress?

Where are all the naysayers saying the PS4 would never be selling at a 2 to 1 ratio to the xbone hmmmm ? seems all the predictions where correct, and if it wasnt for the US it would be more like 4 to 1.

Nice sales for the 3DS and the PS4 , it seems now that the xbone is in a fight to be ahead of the ps3 rather than the PS4 lol.

Ezz20131771d ago

thank you for your awesome logic

that's explain why xbox is getting outsold in every one of those 13 territories too...yep that's explain it real good

ps4 is doomed the moment xbox hit the other territories /s

firefly691771d ago

Too bad!Microsoft fault!

MysticStrummer1771d ago

"Xbox is only in 13 territories."

People who bring this up always neglect to mention that PS4 actually launched in fewer places than XB1 did, but PS4 still sold more. XB1 is already out in all the places it had a chance at winning. MS should be glad PS4 is out in more places because it spreads out supply. If more PS4s were available in the bigger markets, the sales gap would be even bigger.

JOEgolferG1770d ago

Not this generic fanboy comment again. ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz

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AceBlazer131771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Approaching that 2-1 gap if Sony hasn't already cleared it.

@comment 1.7 then explain why ps4 outsells it in shared markets.

dlocsta1771d ago

Why don't you explain how selling in three times the number of markets and selling twice as much is impressive? And one of the markets is Japan so yeah...

MysticStrummer1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

"Why don't you explain how selling in three times the number of markets and selling twice as much is impressive?"

Ok, let's start on launch day. PS4 actually launched in fewer territories than XB1, and one of those was the territory that 360 won handily last generation.

PS4 sold more.

XB1 has already launched in all the areas where it had a chance of outselling PS4. If you look at these newest numbers, PS4 dropped 64% from the previous week while XB1 gained 19%, and PS4 still more than doubled XB1 sales. Meanwhile PS4 supply is still low.

That's impressive.

G20WLY1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

^dlocsta, I'll help to explain that for you as well.

Both MS and Sony were known to be making basically the same number of each console (appx.1 million) per month, and yet PS4 is outselling XBone 2 to 1. Do you not see how that could be called 'impressive'?

MS have either slowed down production to meet demand or they are stockpiling XBones for shipping - whichever is cheaper, maybe. More likely slowed down though, since they're bound to redesign it in the near future to try to reinvigorate interest. If they don't they have no chance of catching up this gen.

Sheikh Yerbouti1771d ago

The PS3 keeps on chugging as the 360 stalls. It may outsell Wii

Funantic11771d ago

The PS4 is slumping in sales severely around the globe. Down -64%.....X1 up +19%.

MysticStrummer1771d ago

…and PS4 still more than doubled XB1 sales.

G20WLY1771d ago

Lol, you might be lacking some smarts there, son.

Last week's figures contained Japanese launch, hence drop this week. But you knew that, you were just trolling, as usual! ;)

GW2121770d ago

Hahaha. Priceless. Still almost tripled the XB1 sales. Yikes.

respekanize911770d ago

japan launch dumb dumb...reason for the % lost week on week

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dlocsta1771d ago

Nice logic. PS4 sold twice as much but is in three times the markets.

DevilishSix1771d ago

Those markets X1 is not in are low priority, it launched in its major markets. Don't expect its sales to go up much with Japan and other territories. X1 will be behind PS4 the entire generation.

zerog1771d ago

Yes but if you look at JUST those 13 markets ps4 is out selling them in all 13. Also all those extra markets the ps4 is selling in that the x1 is not only makes up maybe 5% of their world wide sales. Some of those extra countries will be lucky to sell 100,000 consoles during the whole generation. You must take a lot of things for granted, like living in a country where most people can afford to buy things just because they can but the truth is a lot of the world don't work that way.

FlunkinMonkey1771d ago

Damn, you've tried to state this awful logic about2 or 3 times or so in this thread, are you really this stupid and desperate?

It is outselling MS in all of those 13 territories. USE SOME LOGIC!

SilentNegotiator1771d ago

PS4 more than doubles Xbone and Xbone almost 30K's the Wii U.

This is not a close match at all.

live2play1771d ago

gotta be honest, the ps4 surprised me but thinking about it, it was the most logical outcome. sony built a lot of loyalty with the support the ps3 got. so people are not afraid of jumping to grab the ps4.
nintendo had a fluke with the wiiu. nintendo consoles were always within N64 and gamecube sales. the wii success just changed the perception. and this is coming from a die hard nintendo fan. i have only bought nintendo products. not because of loyalty but because i like the 1st party titles

lets think about it in steak terms.
the ps3 steak had less mass than the wii sales. but the only reason the wii had more mass was because the casual market (the fat) made it bigger.
now the ps4 and wiiu is like if we are finally going to eat the steak and remove all the fat. the wii started out bigger but once the fat was cut out there was way more meat on sonys side.

.... anyways idk if i made sense its late and i gotta sleep xD

mochachino1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Titanfall is no halo.

SP still matters, even if people spend the majority of the time on mp. SP gives it a personality in the market.

jessupj1771d ago

Don't forget guys this is vgcharts. They have been pretty accurate lately, but it's still entirely possible that PS4 sales are under tracked and xbone sales are over tracked.

It's also possible for Titanfall to have sold more consoles than what is stated here.

I'll be very interested to see what March NPD is with TF and Infamous battling it out.

All in all it's very good to see the PS4 winning the market. Sony deserves it imo.

GW2121770d ago

You'll have to wait for April. TF will have three weeks worth of sales this month while Infamous will have one. Unless you are willing to take on the dubious task of backing into a fully-loaded monthly number for both, then you obviously won't get the full story.

Retroman1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Whose in 3rd place now. notice there no xfans talking shee-it now. x1 will be behind ps4 the entire generation.

let the Domination playstationation continue!!!!!

FlunkinMonkey1771d ago

The PS3 was always infront of the 360 is we go by year by year basis. It out sold the 360 every year.

Egg. On. Face.

idontcare1771d ago

you really believe that?


Retard1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Good gravy train the Wii U is doing AWFUL!

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Majin-vegeta1771d ago

Once again take these numbers with a grain of salt.but we do know that the PS4 is already 6 million+.

GribbleGrunger1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Don't forget they're a week old now but I do agree to a certain extent. We've been discussing this over at the VGC forums and the consensus of opinion is, they've taken Sony's ('surpassed' < Important word) 6 million, used the known Media Create figures as a ball point number, and extrapolated what the PS4 has sold in America and Europe to reach that 6 million sold number. Add another 100,000 onto that PS4 figure and I think it would be more or less accurate. Interestingly, they still haven't reduced the X1 figures in accordance with NPD.

Last month they undertracked the PS4 and the month before that they undertracked it too, so it looks like they're going to undertrack it this month as well. The reverse is the case for the X1 for some odd reason ... something else regularly discussed on the forum there. We take what we can though and it's still looking pretty damned good, even WITH the discrepancies.

BitbyDeath1771d ago

Should have the Feb NPD in two days.
Will be interesting.

GribbleGrunger1771d ago

It's like Christmas when those get released on VGChartz! I can't fully comprehend why, but they are interesting threads to read lol

FITgamer1771d ago

It's the same story every month, They had Xbox One over tracked by almost 150k and never adjusted then adjusted the PS4 up like 40k short under the official numbers. I don't understand the way they track. I do enjoy the forums though, some ridiculous topics.

HighResHero1771d ago

The industry looks very healthy either way.

nate2541771d ago

I expect the number of Xbox Ones to sky rocket now that Titanfall is out, gotta take into account the Titanfall Xbone bundle.

Ggame1771d ago

I really don't think so.
The Titanfall is not a real BIG title and just hyped for Xbox One owner.

Lucreto1771d ago

Only in the US. The bundle is not even in the top 20 in the UK. In Ireland there is only one Gamestop doing a midnight launch because they didn't get the pre-orders.

Unreal011771d ago

I'm in the UK and I don't know many people who have heard of it, not even joking. Of the four people I know who have, 1 already has an Xbox One from launch so they'll get it for that, and the other 3 say they'll get it for 360 if they do get it.

Tony-A1771d ago

it's an extremely Americanized game, as proven by those that hype the game up to be this awesome thing.

I don't expect it to do nearly as well anywhere outside of the US. Obviously, the XBO numbers will be lower than 360 or PC because of install base, but even then, I can't imagine much of an increase in hardware sales and certainly not more than double what it did the week prior to even match the worldwide sales numbers that the PS4 seems to be reaching so effortlessly.

I mean, seriously... everyone knows VG numbers are skewed to a certain extent, but look at them anyway. The PS4 dropped by 64% and the XBO increased by 19%... even with this, the PS4 is still selling twice as many units? And this has been going on all year without much of a slow-down.

Titanfall will sell some units, but it won't be the answer that MS might be looking for. And what's more frightening is that there doesn't seem to be any other hype beyond that.

Omegasyde1771d ago

To a degree, but remember the same game is on Xbox360.

djplonker1771d ago

The xbone outsold the ps3 well done microsoft... *Slow clap*

Gamer19821771d ago

First time this year isn't it?

djplonker1771d ago

Yeah might have been one week it didn't not 100% sure!