inFamous Second Son's Director Explains Why The Game Runs At 30fps

TSA spoke to inFamous Second Son’s director recently, and in the interview he explained exactly why Sucker Punch have chosen to make the game run at a frame rate of 30 frames per second with a 1080p resolution, rather than aiming for 60fps.

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HighResHero1683d ago

I think the game looks really smooth and I agree with him that the possibility of having to give up some of those particle effects would have been a bummer.

ArchangelMike1683d ago

Definately. The game looks as smooth as melted butter, doesn't need to be 60fps either, it's not a twitch FPS after all. 9 days and counting...

TomShoe1683d ago

Agreed. Story based single player games really don't need 60 FPS. It's nice to have, but I'd trade that for some amazing particle effects any day.

GarrusVakarian1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

This is one game where i can say that i would take the eye candy > 60fps (if i had to choose, due to console limitations). I don't think the necessity of 60fps applies to this game as much as it would for other genres. I would prefer 60fps AND bells and whistles, but alas, we can only have one or the other.

I'm normally someone who would be willing to take a hit in resolution for a better framerate, but i think this game would benefit more from having all those great visual effects at 30fps than it would having scaled down effects at 60fps.

" particle effects and the amount of NPCs "

Good job they went with 30fps then, i would not have wanted less particle effects and less NPC's just for a smoother framerate. Not in this game.

Boody-Bandit1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

This is my most anticipated title this year, bar none.

I just hope it runs smooth and the camera pans great. I have high hopes for this game. I was a huge fan of the previous versions. Just 10 more days. I can't wait!


gotta love that 1080p tho! (please rate from 1 to 10..still working on my stealth trolling)

cyclindk1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

I disagree, I think it is closer to a lukewarm stick of butter, not quite liquid, but certainly smooth and soft to the touch. Something low fat, but with all the savory flavor of the real thing.

mediate-this1683d ago

Fps is not just for twitchy shooters as you like to call them, you need it for smooth gameplay, for fighting games, higher frame rate is good for any game.

webeblazing1683d ago

Its funny cause a lot of people stated this before but now we agree. I wonder why? Even when it comes to last gen games the just scale things down.

Sevir1682d ago

Higher framerates is good for every game, so it would be nice to be 60fps with all the bells and whistles and graphics shown already.

But this is a first gen PS4 game releasing just 4 months after launch, development first started on a PC that was much more powerful than a PS4 then scaled back when devours began rolling in in different phases, they've learnt plenty and I'm sure the second PS4 title from them will be pushing the boundaries by exponential measures.

This is at its core an Infamous game though and Infamous has always been fluid, smooth and fun to play, they had some of the smoothest gameplay around on PS3 and that never dipped below 30fps even with plenty on the screen.

I can't wait! Second Son is gonna be epic... Reviews for this go up on Wednesday next week... :)

mewhy321682d ago

Like most PS4 games this 'True' exclusive will be running in 1080p. It's going to be beautiful!!! What I've already seen makes it the best eye candy offered up by any console game thus far. This is going to be a real next gen experience. Not having to worry about parity for lesser consoles really sets the devs free to achieve the best that the hardware can offer. Looks to be great.

BABY-JEDI1682d ago

I personally believe that this game will have all the buttery taste & goodness that any gamer would require
; D
Day one on my sandwiches

Bigpappy1682d ago

No, no, no. You guys said it has to be 1080p/60fps to be a next gen game. Now you are saying it don't need to be 60fps.

Does that mean I can you will now go back and remove those disagree you gave me when I said as much.

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90Supra1683d ago ShowReplies(1)
miyamoto1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

My 1080p Samsung is ready to rock steady for Second Son at 120Hz Smoothing Effect- which means I am gonna have "60FPS"-ish graphics as I play! Whoo hoo!

inFamous Second Son is PS4's golden child.

So 30FPS is never a problem with me thanks to Samsung HDTV.

Speaking of 1080p the latest firmware enabled my PS3 to run on native 1080p not 1080i. Better late than never, Sony.

I have played many stable 30fps games like the Uncharted series using the 120Hz refresh rate and the graphics frame rate is buttery smooth. Imagine 240Hz!
Not to diss on LG or Sony but Samsung makes better TV technology than most these days.

GarrusVakarian1683d ago

Ewww, those "smooth-effect" settings are horrible, imo. I played GTA5 on my friends TV which has it and it wasn't very pleasant. I don't think it looks or feels like real 60fps at all.

But to each their own, 9 more days!

I_am_Batman1683d ago

It really depends which method is being used. I was sceptical myself until I tried it. The motionflow on my Bravia is really good and actually really gaming friendly. Thoses features get better and better. I used it on Uncharted 2 and the added input lag wasn't really noticable at all. It made the game look so much better though.

I wouldn't use it in an online game though cause the input lag would add to the ping and you would be at a disadvantage.

MRMagoo1231683d ago

the smoothing effects are the equivalent to the xbone running games at 1080p upscaled which = fake and not as good as the real thing, not even close, i agree with pretty much everyone turn them off itll be better.

Vitalogy1683d ago

@Lukas well I got to say that Uncharted 3 looked from outter world when I played it on my PlayStation 24'' 3D Display which is FullHD with 240Hz refresh rate, I even made an extra walkthrough on 3D that blew my mind.

Boody-Bandit1682d ago

Any filter engine turned on increases input lag. When I game I have every filter off and the display in game mode. If you're not going to play online at all than yeah input lag doesn't really matter. But even if you're going to play head to head you really should disable ALL filtering features.

Currently the best big display on the market is the Sony 55w802a or 55w900a. Both of these displays has the fastest input lag of any big display on the market bar none. I just picked one up and it's almost as fast as my PC monitor for gaming. Although it looks a hell of a lot nice than my PC monitor color saturation and contrast wise.

Articuno761682d ago

I think part of it is down to framerate stability. Those filters tend to smooth out frames nicely but they also enhance and magnify fluctuations.

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DeadMansHand1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

Hey bro, I have a Sammy 1080 tv as well. Turn OFF all the smoothing and enhancements. They make the games look bad. There is a great thread on GAF about what settings you should use for maximum visuals. I'm on my phone so too tricky to track it down maybe Gribble is around and he can post it. Seriously, all the effects look crappy.

WeedyOne1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Your wrong about games looking worse with the tv enhancements. What gamer's don't like about these enhancements is input lag.

I keep the settings off on my 3D Samsung but not because they look bad, it just adds A LOT of input lag. In fact when all the bells and whistles are turned on games look amazing!

Its cool when you are moving fast and can still see every single detail without any blur, unfortunately it adds so much input lag that it makes most games basically unplayable (to me at least, i'm VERY sensitive to input lag).


I totally agree with WeedyOne, I keep trying to tell people this but get blasted for it everytime, and I don't know why. The enhancements on my 240Hz tv make the games look better and run very smooth. Not quite 60fps smooth, but close to it. I only have a problem with it when I am playing competitive multiplayer, because it causes a little bit of input lag.

NeoTribe1683d ago

Your tvs smoothing effect is a gimmick. Doesnt work. You got jipped.

Oh_Yeah1683d ago

That controller input lag. Have fun with that.

mediate-this1683d ago

@ miyamoto

Id say lg and samsung are top two, i have a 60 inch and 65 inch lg and samsung both smart 3d tvs and the ssung being the ultra hd, with ge mode on looks super nice.

Oh_Yeah1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

I'd say Sharp is #1...50 inch led tv for 500$? Can't beat it. Looks just as good as my 40 inch samsung 6300 I got for 700 and it doesn't make an annoying buzz sound that samsung tvs are plagued with, the sharp doesn't have motion interpoloation and smart tv like the Samsung but honestly it just makes movies look like soap operas and pc/ps4 take care of the smarts. I feel kind of ripped off for what I paid for that samsung earlier this year when I could of had 2 of them sharps instead of one. Sharp is gonna lead next gen screen tech with igzo. Peep them screens out.

PR_FROM_OHIO1682d ago

That's funny bc my LG 55in LED 3D tv has a refresh rate of 240HZ and I've been gaming on it for about a year already lol!! Oh by the way PS4 games look stunning on it



You can tell people that your tv makes your 30fps games feel like they are running close to 60fps until you are blue in the face, but they will never believe/understand because they don't own such a tv. I own a 240Hz samsung and the tv definitely appears to enhance the framerate, the cost is input lag, which sucks for competitive games, but awesome for the single player experience.

IcarusOne1682d ago

I never run the smooth effects. It increases lag and I'd rather maximize responsiveness.

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Convas1683d ago

Devs will go for 30fps to keep the eye candy on blast.

Ya'll already knew this.

mediate-this1683d ago

So a gsme has to be 30fps to be eye candy? Computers run 4k and high frame rates. Whats your excuse for that?

ABizzel11682d ago

A computer running in 4k with high framerates isn't a $400 build.

You're looking at $300 - $400 alone on the GPU to play PS360 ports in 4k around 40fps - 60fps.

$600 - $800 on GPU for 4k @ 30fps - 40fps on average PC games.

And almost $3,000 on GPU to MAX every game on PC in 4k @ 60fps.

On top of that the average gaming PC has GPU performance ranging from is generally in line with the recommended specs. for modern games at the time, so no 4k isn't nearly as common as some want you to believe. If you have a high end GPU you can play games like Skyrim in 4k. But soon as you hit graphically demanding games like Crysis 3 you're right back down to 1080p

Corpser1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

^^ what does the cost have to do with how 4k with high frame rate looks?

MysticStrummer1682d ago

"^^ what does the cost have to do with how 4k with high frame rate looks?"

^^ what does PC gaming have to do with a comment that was clearly about consoles?

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