Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death Coming to Sega Dreamcast

New Sega Dreamcast game is now in development according to retro developer, Collectorvision. Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death will be available along with 16-Bit versions.

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Spikeantestor1683d ago

Is this a shmup? Kinda cool either way but a little cooler if it isn't. There being so many of them and all.

triverse1683d ago

It is a 2D side scrolling action/adventure/platformer that is hitting "16-Bit systems" also. Another version is hitting the NES:


I am glad it is not a shooter of any kind. Have we not had enough of those?

Spikeantestor1683d ago

My opinion is yes, we have. But if it's shmups or nothing for my favorite game system ever than so be it.

triverse1683d ago

Something is better than nothing. I agree. I just wish indie devs would show some innovation and interest in other genres.

I understand why so many focus on shooters though. They are easier to create, require less animation (which is not cheap), etc.