Watch Dogs' Australian classification changed from MA15+ to R18+

Stevivor -- "The ever-reliable AUSVGClassifications Twitter account today reports that Ubisoft's Watch Dogs has been resubmitted to the Australian Classification Board, and has such been updated to an R18+ classification."

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ArchangelMike1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Hmm... something smells fishy here. My guess, Ubisoft is reacting to all the "OMG no blood," articles and have included more blood in the game to appease the masses.
The more I hear, the more I think this game just won't be ready for it's May release date.

I'm definately going to wait for the reviews on this one unfortunately.

CrossingEden1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

There would be no way to include a good blood texture in such a small amount of time. @1nsomniac, a 1080p resolution slick blood texture that would have to have dynamic effects and pop out on different parts of the body in varying amounts depending on the type of weapon used to match the level of realism that the rest of this game has. This game DOES have blood.

1nsomniac1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

? how long do you think it takes to create blood textures??

...or was that sarcasm?

morganfell1682d ago

Including QA it can take a month to get them working properly. Done correctly it is no longer a decal. Now it has to be tested on all models under various circumstances. It isn't a quick fix on a multimillion dollar game. Throwing it in there would be irresponsible.

lameguy1682d ago

Maybe it's because Watch_Dogs got all GTA'd up (GTA V got the same rating). In the most recent trailer we see brutal combat, cop fights, and shooting up police and civilian cars (bonus points for riding on top of a train too).

They could have demonstrated the hacking, robin hood nature of Aiden, and the investigative nature of the plot but chose to show GTA in Chicago instead.

BitbyDeath1682d ago

So the game has gone gold already?

StealthPandemic1682d ago

Dude it comes out in a couple months!

BitbyDeath1682d ago

Knew that, just sounds stupid trying to append a classification on a game that is clearly unfinished.

B-radical1682d ago

Out classification board is a joke. R18+ is getting abused
no way is this game worth an r18+ rating

SolidGear31682d ago

Well it is Mature here in the states. It has Nudity and Intense Violence and situations involving Human Trafficking. Thought that'd automatically make it M / R18

gammaray131682d ago

who cares the game is going to be crap anyway, save your money and stick to GTA5, a far better game and has more next gen visuals this this piece of garbage

Visualift1682d ago

I'm glad you posses such an ability to predict a games success.

SolidGear31682d ago

Who gives a crap about GTA V? Same dumb, boring snooze fest. We need something original like Watch Dogs to shake up the open world genre. Downgraded graphics or not.

Visualift1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Who knows what initiated the rating change. All I'm concerned with is that Ubisoft is putting their best foot forward and give us a game worth dropping $60 down on.

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