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Roger Havens writes: "Episode 2 of Telltale’s The Walking Dead is chalked full of surprises. Expectations have been high for this second iteration and I can happily say that Telltale has delivered. Episode 2 is easily my favorite one out of both seasons. Surprisingly though this is also one of the more story driven episodes, and gameplay is served more as a way to get you from point A to B with as minimal challenge as possible and has no puzzles that I can recall."

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sarshelyam1683d ago

I enjoyed it far more than the first episode, that's for sure. For some reason, the first episode was so non-committal. She was either a seasoned vet, or the same Clem we began the series with.

This episode features a far more matured and hardened Clem, and she's put into scenarios that offer a chance for more adult decisions...which is where we were heading by the close of Season 1.

TWD S2E2 is good stuff!

Jyndal1683d ago

This series has rapidly become my personal favorite. "A House Divided" was the kind of gameplay I've come to look forward to from TWD from Telltale.
I'm so looking forward to episode 3 already.