Why Sony's PlayStation 4 Win Is Really a Loss

Sony is emerging as the leader in TV game consoles with its new PlayStation 4. The big question is whether the victory will prove Pyrrhic for a company that has already been losing ground in its traditional electronics business.

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xHeavYx1686d ago

"Sony may be winning in a shrinking market. Video game software sales have been on the decline since 2009"
Both MS and Sony are shattering sales records, and we are still talking about console decline... SMH

pwnsause_returns1686d ago

dont worry, he's getting a lot of slack at the comments section of that site...


dedicatedtogamers1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

Well, hang on a second. The dedicated gaming device market DOES seem to be shrinking:

PS Vita --> Selling much less than PSP
3DS --> Selling less than DS
Wii-U --> Selling much less than Wii

Now, people might point out "but Dedicated, Xbox One and PS4 are breaking all sorts of records!"

Yeah, they are, but their sales have dropped down significantly. Xbox One is selling a fraction of what they sold during Nov/Dec. PS4 is the only console still going strong after launch, it seems.

I would argue that we need to wait and see at least another 18 months, but at the current pace, the console market IS shrinking. Xbox One might be selling more than 360, but that's a dumb comparison, because 360 didn't come roaring out of the gate off the Xbox's reputation.

itBourne1685d ago

Of course dedicated handhelds are selling less, lol there is a massive mobile market now. The 3ds is by no means going to die. The PSP was an anomaly, no one else has been able to touch Nintendo in the handheld market ever.

arika1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

This is called spin a win! The better you make ps4 look bad the more money you make. Ok im in! Where do I sign up? Lol!

Pogmathoin1685d ago

You strayed off topic there 'dedicated'. Its a story about PS4. You trying to be clever here and turning it into an Xbox attack.... Bloomberg should not even cover videogames either....

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Insomnia_841686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

Looks like someone at bloomber wasn't so happy about that other article and decided to fight back somehow...

It's war at Bloomberg between these two dudes lol

ArchangelMike1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

Damn! If it's a loss for Sony, then Microsoft must be dead in the water!

pwnsause_returns1686d ago

i hate it when these articles appear and set both consoles aflame.

yes its true, the xbox got off to a bad start, and there are suits up there that want to get rid of it. but as soon as they turn things around, it should be smooth sailing for microsoft again. they have ips that are guarranteed multimillion sellers and a high financial Backing.

Sony right now is off to pretty much the greatest start they've ever have, they have a system that is over taking the PS2 in sales at the beginning of its lifespan, and the company itself seems to be making changes for the good of the company. Both sides wont go anywhere this gen.

To say consoles are on its last legs is just pretty dumb by looking at these sales figures. this is just more plain idiocy by so called anaylists who have never even touched a videogame in their lives...

HighResHero1686d ago

It is a Funny way to try and spin something while the facts show that consoles are more popular than ever before.

TooHigh2Die1685d ago

WTF is this guy talking about not only is PS4 looking to be the fastest selling console but the great games arent even out yet. E3 this year will be show off many great titles in the works and I'm sure whatever Naughty Dog has in the works will only sky rocket sales.

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mhunterjr1686d ago

It's so annoying that these 'business minded' folks try to talk on a subject they no nothing about. Software sales typically decline at the end of the generation as people start fatiguing . The consoles has been out for 7-8 years and folks were gearing up for next gen.

The same with hardware sales. Why would you expect the old consoles to sell steadily, when the new ones are now available. Just like last gen, things will ramp up over the years as prices drop, new titles come out and developers start getting a feel for the new systems.

dcj05241685d ago

Exactly. They never pay mind to gamer's fatigue and price drops as well as adoption rates increasing thus increasing the amount of developers making games thus making more people buying consoles to buy those next gen game and thus the cycle restarts.

iceman061685d ago

It's clear that he doesn't truly understand the nature of the business that he is talking about. Sure, in general, he gets the industry. However, it's the fine points that he misses. These are the points that kind of matter and separate the games industry from many others. His point about devs not wanting to take risks is true. But, he misses the point that the "leading" console is the one that devs will flock to so that they can remain profitable. Although gamers are a hybrid community, the mobile crowd is not really the target for these consoles. Sure, it would be great but they aren't the primary demographic for the home console. It is targeting the 150 million plus that have taken the leap on the prior generation. Also, as you stated, he is clearly missing the idea that price drops, improved development, new IP, and time to build brand recognition are typically what drive console and software sales. Plus he missed the fact that, unlike last gen, Sony didn't break the bank to create this new console which should lead to more profit per unit.

N311V1685d ago

In my opinion last generations sales numbers are an outlier. My mother bought a Wii, my grandmother bought a Wii, my mother-in-law bought a Wii, just about everyone I know that is not a "gamer" bought a Wii. I'd be surprised if they bought more than two or three games in the entire generation, which does nothing for the gaming market, but they sure did inflate the size of the console install base. The market isn't shrinking, it's just that less "non-gamers" are wasting their money on a console they're not going to use.

DigitalRaptor1686d ago

Got to publish that negative Sony spin on Titanfall day, right?

stuna11685d ago

This is marketing/ reverse psychology 101! Make the product that is actually doing better, look like it's performing on the same level as the product that's performing worse! Thereby with some clever wordplay actually make the worse performing product seem like it's the better product.

dcj05241685d ago

This is more of a negative spin on Console games as a whole.

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