The Daily Five: How Driveclub Woes Are Bad for Business

"While it is admirable that Sony does not want to release a game that the company feels is subpar, Driveclub’s constant string of delays does cause a number of problems for the PS4 and Sony’s family of developers." - Travis Tucker

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xJumpManx1685d ago

That was the one game I bought the PS4 for and I am still waiting. Sonys exclusives for launch have been poor at best thank goodness for Mulltiplat titles.

1OddWorld1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

Cry me a river. You bought the PS4 because the competition was selling an inferior product at a mark up.

PS+ DriveClub was going to be nothing more than a teaser due to it not being the full game. I prefer to wait and pay for a complete product than a rushed one.

xJumpManx1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

Actually I have all three consoles. My Ps4 just hardly gets played and now its even less with Titanfall and plants vs ZOmbies.

us_army1685d ago

Bring on the Flame Bait titles.... Honestly, I wish more teams would take the time to create the game they envisioned, and if that means they need a delay, so be it. I would rather spend my money on a great game than an unfinished one.

GarrusVakarian1685d ago

"Driveclub’s constant string of delays"

Lol, it's been delayed once. Seems many people fell for the misleading IGN title the other day that made it sound like it was being re-booted.

Ron_Danger1685d ago

Looks like someone read the ign article and wrote their own article based on that. That's some credible "journalism."

There's also this:

ebreda1685d ago

I bought the PS4 because of Driveclub. Don't belive me? Well cry me a river.

Sony promised me something and naively I believed in it. And I remember people mocking Forza because of the overhyped Driveclub. Well turns out Sony thought the game was bad enough to get it back to the drawing board, otherwise they would've released it.

Or maybe people will still defend Driveclub even though Sony itself thought better than release it?

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bestofthebest1685d ago

Just got a message from amazon pushing this back to September 30.

Berenwulf1685d ago

I would still wait for an official announcement of the release date by sony. What was the date until now?

GarrusVakarian1685d ago

When a retailer lists a games release date at the end of the month like that, it's just a placeholder. Not an actual release date. The release date hasn't been announced yet.

XtraTrstrL1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

I completely agree on the "thank goodness for Multiplat titles". I had to buy stinking COD cuz there was nothing out, I'd told myself long before that that MW3 was gonna be my last COD. I got my PS4 though, and nothing was out, so I was playing f2p games like Blacklight: Retribution to hold me off until something good came out. My nephew got his PS4 shortly after me and got COD right away, and that's the only other person I know right now that has a PS4, so I ended up having to get COD, just to have someone to party up with. I definitely wouldn't have gotten COD if some other goodness was out like Infamous or Destiny. It's definitely only because Sony's lack of quality launch games.

That being said, they have been putting out quality indie games for PS+ users. Not the type of games you may play nonstop like a COD, and mainly single player games, but still quality games that are worth playing through. I just can't wait until it finally hits that point that the floodgates open and all the AAA and top quality indie 'n other games start pouring in to where you don't know what to buy cuz there's so much great stuff. It's not at that point yet, but it is only just hitting 4 months in.

What they really need to do is communicate with us about what's going on with audio cd, mp3s and a media server. They mentioned long ago that they'll be adding these things in seeing the fan reactions, but they haven't gotten back to this at all from what I've seen. It's annoying, because I can't help but feel that they are holding back on those last gen features to promote Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited. If you can't get to your own vids/mp3s you're more likely to pay them a subscription to get it through their service, it's simple. They can say this 'n that about not focusing on it at launch, but it's very clear what's going on, and for them to be charging us for online play now, they shouldn't be pushing it and taking away other basics like mp3 playback and media servers. I'd like my PS4 to be able to fully replace my PS3 as a media hub, not this dumb nonsense they got going, so they need to hurry and get a move on those shoulda-already-been-here features.

dcj05241684d ago

You should've bought Battlefield 4 or Killzone Shadow Fall or Need For Speed Rivals or Warframe or DCUO or Resogun. You had options.

NeoTribe1685d ago

Youll get over it. Doesnt get better than ps4 so id advice patience. Greatness is on its way.

medman1685d ago

This just in.....nobody believes you.

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WeAreLegion1685d ago

What woes? It's fine. It's coming out with VR.

Berenwulf1685d ago

I hope they will release it soon. What about that leaked tweet with a launch date in april? I mean this drawing board discussion doesn't mean anything because this happened when they delayed it the first time...

I'm also disappointed that Sony doesn't have many good games for the PS4 right now and i really hope that driveclub will be a great racing game!

impet251685d ago

Somehow making it seem like Sony the only one delaying games, last time I checked watch dogs, destiny, witcher all got delayed. This guy need to stop acting like driveclub is the only game that gets delayed. Smh

Stoppokingme1685d ago

Damn right it's bad for business.

Just like Watch dogs is bad for business, and just like Witcher 3 is bad for business.

It doesn't matter what console you own, you'll be willing to wait for the best possible product.

Nobody is complaining except for the half assed 'reporters' who need the hits to stay relevant.

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