6 Must-Use Characters in 'South Park's Future DLC

Analog Addiction writes:After enjoying South Park: The Stick of Truth immensely, with it getting a 9/10 in my review, I was left a bit disappointed that some really funny characters didn’t get to play a big part in the game (besides Randy). It definitely makes sense though, because it allows them to use some of these characters in future DLC packages to keep it a bit fresher and allow different approaches to the story. For some reason I have a suspicion the South Park Mall will have a big part to play in the next story, considering it was completely closed off before, during and after certain events. With these six characters below, I reckon they could make quite a good combination of funny, shocking and outrageous scenes.

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matrixman921775d ago

Didnt one of the south park creators say they hate dlc and it will never happen? I am assuming the dlc that was in place with THQ is in the trash...or it was put in the game

Snookies121775d ago

I did not know there would be DLC. Is there any official word of this?

GundalfDeGrej1775d ago

The main menu has a downloadable content button so yeah it's pretty likely to happen.

dumahim1775d ago

That's probably for the costumes that were included as pre-order bonuses.

spoilerish info below:

Thing I don't get, is he talks about the mall being closed off. It wasn't just closed off, the UFO crashed into it. Kind of hard to use in that case.

iCanHazCheez1775d ago

*SPOILER* Finish the game first, the mall comes back