What's the Next Big Step for Survival Horror?

Hardcore Gamer: We’re seeing some creepy games, and maybe even some real pants-wetters, but are we really seeing a full-fledged evolution in how you can make a gamer scared? Where else can the horror genre go?

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ValKilmer1683d ago

Hopefully a Resident Evil that's not terrible.

PoSTedUP1683d ago

deff.. plus itll be hard to take a "big" step from TLoU, imo. but really hope someone Does tiptoe past ;).

Imalwaysright1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

TloU wasn't scary and it didn't have an opressing atmosphere. I don't even think of it as survival horror.

EDIT Yeah is considered survival horror but imo there is no survival horror without the horror.

PoSTedUP1683d ago

yeah i, uhh, didnt read past the title... heh. but TLoU is considered survival horror, just more action-packed. deff more of a thrill than horror tho.

i want a game with less jump-scares and more Scary. i thought fear2 was pretty scary, and The Suffering on the original xbox. Dying Light looks like its gonna be creepy.

ATi_Elite1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

one word.........DARKWOOD!

I think a large, open world, realistic survival game will be the next step!

I'm sure some Arma 3 Survival horror mod will come very soon and blow are minds!

Oooops too late! already happened! 2017 looks great!

ABizzel11683d ago

Player vs. Player. Demon Soul's and Dark Souls online are good ways to improve horror, and add an element of surprise to games.

SteamPowered1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

Oculus Rift support is the next big thing for the horror genre.
Another Eternal Darkness is always welcome though.

Immorals1683d ago

Eternal darkness is the greatest horror game ever. I still remember my copy glitching in the first roman cutscene where it'd change between English and Spanish every other word

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