Game of the Month: February 2014

Hardcore Gamer: What a great month February turned out to be. Not even a tenth away through the year and we were treated to some serious game of the year contenters. There was Jeff Minter's triumphant comeback in TxK, another chapter in one of the best games of the generation, an expansion to a classic franchise and a shockingly good return of a certain little ninja. From majors to indies, there was something for everybody, making February an eclectic month worth gaming in.

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ValKilmer1684d ago

Aw, I was hoping Magus would be nominated...

Blastoise1684d ago

Not a single vote for Danganronpa?

ValKilmer1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

Wooops, I first posted the cached version of this article. Danganronpa was indeed nominated =)