Disappointing: Next-Gen Consoles Are Delivering Last-Gen Resolutions

Games like Titanfall are now here, running at 792p on the Xbox One - a console capable of delivering 1080p, but is obviously not powerful enough to run Titanfall at 1080p at 60FPS. This is a "next-generation console", and it is only delivering the resolution we're used to on the previous generation of consoles.

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Blaze9291771d ago

the damage control is serious with Titanfall and Xbox One. What never ceases to amaze me are the actualy owners/players of Titanfall and Xbox One who, aren't, complaining one bit about a resolution they likely, have no idea about.

At the end of the day, the games fun as hell. Up to you to care about other things like rezolutionz.

Ashby_JC1771d ago

I agree. But would add that yes would I want titanfall to look better.

But we have had a few games that have achieved 1080/60 and guess what...they are not as fun.

What I like to gauge from games nowadays is the fun factor.

A game like plants verse zombies...I have no idea what the res or fps is. And I am having a blast playing it!!!

ger23961771d ago

What are going to complain about? You can't do anything about it.

PONTIAC08G8GT1771d ago

What never ceases to amaze me is why people buy games to look at and not play them. I buy video games to have fun. I bought TF because its an awesome game and a lot of fun. Graphically I think the game looks good. Its not going to win any awards for visuals, but it may for gameplay alone. And guess what, gameplay is what's important to me. Maybe you just like to look at walls and obsess how realistic a tree looks.

Bf isn't in 1080p and I think it looks beautiful. Only way I can tell PS is higher resolution is when their is a side by side comparison video. Everyone who doesn't own an Xbox is obsessed with graphics. Maybe I'm the minority that actually plays games.

Boody-Bandit1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )


I find it kind of hard to take you serious while playing the fun over graphics card. I mean you sure cared an awful lot last generation about any miniscule differences like resolution, sales numbers, ratings and any other thing that could be used as fodder in the war of fanboys.

On topic:
I myself was expecting nothing less than 1080p with these new consoles when they were announced. The mere fact we are talking about resolution restraints this early on is troubling. There is no doubt developers can hit 1080p but at what visual cost?

I myself want the most bang for my buck. Honestly I was a little disappointed with TF's graphics and performance. Especially considering all the hype behind it. I just wonder if it wouldn't have been a better overall product overall if Respawn had more time optimizing it.

It seems like a lot of games are being rushed this generation and I think TF is one of them.

If graphics and resolution doesn't matter than why do we purchase new consoles at all? Personally I think that is a very weak argument and always has been. Before it was Nintendo fans playing that card and now it seems MS only fans have joined them. Again, there are a lot of N4G members here that really cared, like blaze, last gen when MS had the edge with multiplat games but now it suddenly doesn't matter.

Without question I prefer gameplay over graphics. With that said the hardware I most likely will use most this generation is the one that will give me the best of both worlds.

I purchased an X1 for exclusives only. Last gen it was the other way around early on. The only difference is this generation the more powerful hardware cost less.

Edit: At the very least these developers should be able to do 720p @ a rock solid 60fps with excellent textures, lighten effects and a lot going on screen at any given time without slowdown or video tearing.

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Irishguy951771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

You know whats next gen? Resogun and Forza. The only two games that run a consistent 1080p and 60FPS.

Because thats what 'next gen' means right? Not the graphical fidelity or anything cool like that. Wipout HD on Ps3 was actually next ran native 1080p too. That must mean the ps3 is stronger than the Ps4 right? Oh sorry, I forgot about Resogun for a second there. Yeah, Ps3 is only equal to Ps4 in power.

TomRL1771d ago

My seven year old pc can run pong at 1080p. MUST BE NEXT GEN!

ezop1771d ago

nextgen means "the next generation in hardware/software capable of delivering truly immersive HQ entertainment" (laymen's terms)

I do see peoples anger/dismay, especially with 4k not to far away from everyones front room and we have a console that can only deliver sub 800p.

in comparison you wouldn't goto the movies and watch a movie in anaglyph 3d you'd demand realD 3d.

BABY-JEDI1771d ago

I heard that Specsavers are planning to sponsor next gen graphics. Sure is a lot of short sighted gamers out there.
; D


Sad state of affairs I'd say...I totally agree with the author.

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reef10171771d ago

Its still early people relax.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1771d ago

exactly i feel like there are to many haters dude all these hate articles to many opinions ppl can't keep to them selves. everyone needs to relax the new consoles just came out

BABY-JEDI1771d ago

That's right. These easy to programme consoles sure can be problematic! Wait a min. Haven't all the dev's said these consoles are everything they could have asked for?

staticdash221771d ago

We said that last gen too. But even towards of the end of the ps3/360 gen many games were running sub 720p up-scaled. it was very disappointing. If you can't hit it now, with x86 architecture of all things, then yes there is cause for concern.

Godmars2901771d ago

Except next-gen promotion has only been about better resolutions, making excuses for why such isn't commonly delivered, then more BS about resolutions like some Groundhog Day skit. Only its serious.

Whiskeyjacked871771d ago

To early? We've been waiting years for these machines!!!

ArchangelMike1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )


It's true that it's early days, yes. But it's still unacceptable imo. Out the gate the 'next-gen' consoles are supposed to be designed for 1080p 60fps gameplay as standard. That is one of the expected hallmark of change from the last generation of consoles to the present 'next-gen' consoles. The fact that a flagship title cannot run at 1080p 60fps, suggests that the console was not designed with with that in mind.

EDIT: If graphics and resolution was soo much not an issues, why the need for next gen consoles? We had great gameplay last gen didn't we?

reef10171771d ago

All i am saying is non of these developers have even begun to tap into what these machines are capable of. just look at early PS3/XB360 games and the ones that came out last year like the last of us. Not even naughty dog could have done what they did with that game in 2006/2007. it took time to learn the in and outs of the system.

ProjectVulcan1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

I'll be honest the fact the console isn't hitting it early on means if anything that is is unlikely to ever hit 1080p later.

It's an exception that consoles move to such a huge jump in resolution later in their lives. It is huge as well for some games- Titanfall's 1408 x 792 is barely over half 1920 x 1080.

Generally they stay roughly around the same resolutions and whatever extra performance extracted from the machine goes into improving base assets rather than having a LOT more resolution. If you demand much higher resolutions than the machine does now you'll be asking developers to potentially downgrade their core assets to reach it.

Even Halo 3 which was a high profile case of sub 720p (1152 x 640) and a triple A series didn't hit full 1280 x 720 until the final game on the machine, Halo 4. What's that, a 25 percent increase? Good, but it wouldn't turn a game like Titanfall 3 into 1080p.

ODST was 1152 x 640 and Reach was 1152 x 720. The series also struggled with AA up until Halo 4.

What we see are minor resolution improvements between a notable sub 720p game in Halo 3 and 5 years later to Halo 4. It's much the same wherever you look.

Doubling your resolution for some games seems a long way away on Xbox One when that sort of jump has never been seen previously.

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4logpc1771d ago

I still play Super Mario World in 480i. Amazing game in any resolution.

Immorals1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Forget the 'disappointing resolution', what's most disappointing is the immaturity of these so called gamers.

I couldn't care less if a game is 1080p if it looks and plays stunning in a lower res.

kurruptor1771d ago

So why did you need a new system? 360 is capable of these types of games.

PONTIAC08G8GT1771d ago

That's the dumbest argument ever. "Well if you dont want 1080p why buy next gen." How about all the things these new systems offer us besides pretty graphics? BF isn't in 1080p for X1, yet it looks 10x better than the 360 version. Games look better then last gen systems. Just because every game is not 1080 doesn't mean u should skip next gen systems. Sorry, that's just a stupid excuse.

classic191771d ago

lol, lies its 2014 and everybody should want higher visuals the fact that most of x1 games are 720p is down right terrible. hints he was playn 720p gaming for fifteen years. smh.

Immorals1771d ago

We are in a new generation where the goal is 1080p 60fps, but I'd be much happier with a game in let's say 900p that has better although not quite as sharp visuals, at a steadier framerate, not to mention more happening on screen at any other time.

morganfell1771d ago

I expect the 'resolution doesn't matter' argument from someone that spends all of their posts attacking the PS4 and the DS4.

It's next gen. Resolution damn well does matter. We are past the point where we can't have next gen graphics with next gen gameplay. To say otherwise is the weak excuse of someone who feels they are being bulldozed over a cliff.

Immorals1771d ago

And I expect the same reply from someone who spends more time counting pixels than actually playing the game. I don't want to see this generation become the one where Gameplay is sacrificed by people whining that their games aren't in 1080p.(Thief could be used as an example, but that's from other people's experience, not a fan of stealth games myself)

morganfell1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Typical and you entirely miss the point in attempting to defend Microsoft...because that is the entire point of your posts. To make acceptable a feature that is inexcusable no to be present in this generation. You miss the point that there are zero reasons not to have BOTH high resolution AND great gameplay.

Thief? Ha ha ha, you fail. It has neither next gen graphics or great gameplay.

Why are you here? Having trouble signing into Titanfall? Bored? It says something when your console supposedly had the biggest launch of it's history and you are on this site attempting, vainly I might add, to defend subpar resolutions.

Pixels, or rather lack thereof, are more important to you than Titanfall.

Loadedklip1771d ago

Then u should have prefered if there were no next gen systems. Watchdogs, Call of Duty, Assassins Creed, Titanfall, Metal Gear Solid V are all on last gen

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corvusmd1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Disappointing: This gen's trolls are still stuck on last gen's whining (and haven't learned...just still bitter)

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