PlayStation Plus Has Me Questioning Why I Didn’t Switch Sooner

Rich Drummond of Richie D Rants says:

"PlayStation’s online service PlayStation Plus was one that I always questioned. It wasn’t really necessary in the previous generation, yet those who had it loved it unconditionally. When I made the jump to Sony’s side of the next generation, I also purchased PlayStation Plus so that I could play online multiplayer on my PlayStation 4. The more and more I dug into the service, the more I enjoyed it and reaped it’s benefits. In this video, I’ll discuss why I enjoy it so much and more importantly, why it has me questioning why I didn’t jump on board sooner.

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Mikey322301684d ago

Congrats.. Welcome to the PS+ club :)

xHeavYx1684d ago

PS+ is a great service, especially for the amount of games and discounts you get monthly

NinjaRichParty1684d ago

I completely agree. Since I've joined, I've scored a number of great deals! :)

And thank you Mikey!

blackbeld1684d ago

Yep welcome to the PS+ club.

PS+ is the best deal you can get.

ZodTheRipper1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

"B-b-but you don't own these gamez!!1"

Well I might not technically "own" my ~90 PS3, PSV & PS4 games but I sure as hell enjoyed them ;D

This is a great, honest video btw. Good decision.

Bowzabub1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

I see it essentially as the cable company of gaming. And hopefully PSNow will be it's Netflix of gaming counterpart.

ABizzel11684d ago

He's speaking the Gospel right now.

PS+ is the greatest service on consoles. PERIOD. XBL is great, Games 4 Gold are average at best, but PS+ is in a league of it's own.

I compare it even to my Gamefly subscription.

darthv721684d ago

i never thought about it until recently but why hasnt sony added in movies to the mix for + members? Like once a month there would be a free rental of a movie from sony's catalog or any of the studios that offer their movies and tv shows in the PS store.

PS+ is more than just games and that would be a great angle to play off of if they added in a movie or two.

guitarded771684d ago

I've been PS+ since day 1. The service was great from the beginning, but Sony's improvements have made it even better. They would send out surveys from time to time asking what we liked and didn't like about the service, and people said they wanted more games, so Sony switched it up by adding more games.

I snagged a couple years worth for $30 each on Black Friday, and at that price it's even more amazing.

ABizzel11684d ago


When a fellow gamer tells you something is a great deal, you owe it to them and yourself to at least hear them out :D PS+ is the best service on consoles hands down. I have over 200 games on my PS3's 1TB HDD, and a good portion of them are from PS+.

DmC, Tomb Raider, Bioshock InFinite, Uncharted 3, Saint's Row 2 & 3, Metro, and the list goes on, and on, and on, and on. The PS3 PS+ is hands down mindblowingly awesome.

The PS Vita is almost as awesome as the PS3 PS+, and truthfully I buy maybe 4 games a year on Vita (outside of PSN / PSN sales) simply because PS+ takes care of my gaming needs on Vita. My 32GB memory card is already full.

The PS4 PS+ games are solid, but it's just starting out, so we'll have good indie titles for the first 12 months. But once we've been through the first full year I'm sure we'll start seeing huge games like Knack, Killzone (single player / multiplayer), Assassin's Creed 4, Need for Speed Rivals, Tomb Raider, Injustice, and more come to the service for the 2014 - 2015 game year (6 retail / 6 indie).


If PSNow is like Gaikai, then it'll be more like the Amazon Prime Video gaming counterpart. You can stream some games for free, 1 hour game trails will probably be done with every game on the service, but you can also buy access to some of the games at a reduced price.

liquidhalos1684d ago

I made the switch to PS+ from Live in December and i could honestly kick myself for not doing it sooner. The best part about it for me is that they have given me a load of free games that i would never have picked up on my own accord, and all of them have been fantastic.

Gamer19821684d ago

He speaks a lot of sense and I bought a vita myself thanks to PS+. I built up a library since launch (Ps+) of vita games then got it with a 32gb memory card and had a nice collection of awesome games to play without paying any extra. The value of the games actually exceeded the price of the handheld!

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Irishguy951684d ago ShowReplies(1)
showtimefolks1684d ago

its best service period. Phil Spencer said at xbox live we let you keep games even after your subscription has expired, but who the heck wants to keep an 5 years old game

psn-Plus needs to be experienced by more gamers

NeoTribe1684d ago

Plus, as long as you own a sony console your not going to NOT have ps plus, so who cares if its rented via subscription.

medman1684d ago

Yeah, and ol' devious Phil Spencer failed to mention that dat bone is pretty much just a toaster oven if you're not online, because unlike the PS4 you can't get access to any apps or services without live gold. So his point is completely irrelevant. What a toolbag.

Picnic1684d ago

And that's only an 'advantage' of the Xbox if you only intend to pay for short periods of online passes.

As soon as you have an active online pass, the Playstation game you once downloaded is there anyway- or ready to be redownloaded.

Xbox just loses every argument on online charges. Playstation - whether Plus or not - has been by far the best deal not least for Sony's exclusive indie games as well as some of the top AAA games.

Eddie201011684d ago

Best value in video games period, everyone who owns a PS4, PS3, PSVita should subscribe to PS+ just for the free games and game discounts not to mention great online play that matches any other service.

MannGamer1684d ago

I own all three systems and now I have no time to play all those free games :-)

Gamer19821684d ago

LOL @above. I own all three and i'm the same..

ITPython1684d ago

PS+ definitely pays for itself very quickly. Even if you don't utilize all the major discounts you get with it, the free games alone make up for the price within a month or two (or instantly if there is already multiple games you want that PS+ has for free).

And Sony manages to get a lot of AAA games that were released within the year and offer them for free. Which is absolutely amazing! It's one thing if the games are 2 or 3 years old and have no market demand... but to offer games that are still selling for $30+ at major retailers is just flat out crazy!

I recently downloaded Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider absolutely free on PS+. I checked Amazon and both games combined in price is just about $60 new... which means my PS+ is already paid for itself with JUST those two games! Not to mention everything else I have downloaded free since I re-upped my subscription when I got my PS4.

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Thatguy-3101684d ago

Making PS+ mandatory on the ps4 has given it more exposure since most people didnt bother with it last generation. It's great that the membership crosses over to the other devices. Great games are available to grab from every corner. I'm sure pleased with the service.

leemo191684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

Ps+ is one of the best things Sony thought of doing. Sub price is worth it in ever-way. Living off Ps+ alone could have you set for most of the whole year.

diehardmetallicafan1684d ago

the only ps4 game i bought was killzone sf. and im loving my free ps+ games

xJumpManx1684d ago

I would never switch all 3 major online services have their own appeal.

Whiskeyjacked871684d ago

But none have the value ps+ offers, enjoy being ripped though!

xJumpManx1684d ago

Not true, Steams prices kill ps+. Give e 50 bucks on sale at steam and I will walk away with enough games to last a year.

Gremdude1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

PSN has some great sales too! I picked up Red Dead Redemption complete edition(including the zombie expansion) for $10. I picked up both Walking Dead Season 2 and The Wolf Among Us season passes for a total of $18. Those prices compete with Steam Sales. Really it is pretty insane the benefits of PS Plus!

Software_Lover1684d ago

Why do people feel as if they always have to "switch" or choose a side. Why not just enjoy the games on both, or all 3?

xHeavYx1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

Maybe some people can't afford both? Not everyone is made of money *jumps in on Lambo made of gold and leaves*

Software_Lover1684d ago

I understand that. But most of the people on the internet arguing are "grown @$$ men".

They talk about how they go out and buy a 400.00 or 500.00 console day one. How they buy every game, especially exclusives DAY ONE. They brag about their high end PC's or how they have a 10k television (exaggerating) and how they expect every game to be at that resolution or it sucks.

You mean to tell me these same people can't afford to skip a few games, just for a little while, and buy the other console to enjoy those games also? So they can spend 400-500 on a console. 60+ dollars a month in game purchases, and can't afford another console?

Major_Glitch1684d ago

@Software The reason us "grown @$$ men" can afford to spend $400 on a console is because we have a thing called a "budget". When you have a "budget" you often have to consider what your spending your money on and why your spending it on that. That fact that I had to spell that out for you really tells me a lot about you. Don't worry though, once you move out on your own and you stay paying your own bills, you'll understand.

Software_Lover1684d ago


.......... You are one of those that are so quick to post what you think is a "witty response" that you missed the entire meaning of the post you are responding to. Read my post again, and then explain to me where a "budget" has anything to do with what I posted.

I've been paying bills since I was 16 (helping my mom). Got through college, UF, by paying bills. Of course you knew that already though because you are so smart and keep a great budget.

Sayai jin1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

Because of hits.

On topic, good for him if he likes it more. Why does it have to be one or the other ...a competition. There was a guy in line last night at the Titanfall launch and he saw me pick up a PS4 game. He said I am glad I switched to the XB1 because of Titanfall.I told him thats cool, but you will be missing out on Second Son. I told him I'll be playing both Titanfall and SS.

@Heavy - I agree with you if people can't afford both. but to me if you are a gamer and gaming is a expensive hobby. One game is the price of one of the online services.

xHeavYx1684d ago

Gaming is not always expensive, especially when you pay $50 a year to get at least 30 free games + discounts

Sayai jin1684d ago

The free games is a plus, but gaming in general is expensive. Online subscriptions, $60 USD per game, controllers, etc. If you get games out of the bargain bins and mainly play the free games then no it's not that expensive, but then again $400 to $500 for a console is nothing to sneeze at for those who are on a budget.

Ultr1684d ago

Because its damn expensive?

NinjaRichParty1684d ago

Just so you know, I actually do own a Wii U as well. I would have picked up the One, but the exclusives as of now haven't enticed me enough to put out the extra cash.

sAVAge_bEaST1684d ago

You can only invest time, and progress,.. Into one console, when playing multi-player. Other wise, it's kind of pointless.

Hicken1684d ago

Most of that is trash talking. The vast majority of the people around here talking about the games and consoles they bought day 1 are either lying or not living on their own.

That said, what's it to you if somebody DOES do all that bragging, but only decides on one console? Even if they have the money, they may not have the TIME. In that case, it's prudent to pick one console, rather than having them all, since you won't be able to play them all regardless.

Not everybody feels they HAVE to switch, but sometimes it makes more sense than buying all available products.

BitbyDeath1684d ago

I don't have enough time to play on more than one.
I sometimes play on PC as well, (just about to start Stick of Truth). But that is just out of convenience since I already need it for internet and work and stuff.

Usually I only get time to play on weekends due to work and kids.

Knushwood Butt1684d ago

Yeah, this is my situation now too, although I only bought one last gen too.

On topic, PS+ is great, and is highly recommended even if you don't have a PS4. I was getting tons of benefit from it when I only had a PS3 and Vita. More games that I can possibly play.

MightyNoX1684d ago

My guess is that you're still living with your parents, hence being so callous with money. No wonder you can afford all three services and being having a sociopathic reaction to people who can only afford one service. Arrested development can truly skew one's perception.

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