An Adventure Long Overdue: Chaz Plays Pokémon

Chaz at Twinfinite writes:

`Pokémon. Just the word evokes a range of emotions in gamers of all ages. First coming into the world in 1996, the second-most lucrative gaming-related franchise in history has carved an incredible niche for itself through generations of games, anime series, trading cards, and more. It was a staple amongst the youths back in my day, and has existed for roughly half of my time on this wonderful little orb of ours – and yet, by circumstance, chance, and some deliberate actions, I’d avoided it for nearly all of that time, never becoming involved with any of its many incarnations until very recently. I’m going to take some time now to go back through my non-history with these adorable little creatures, and how I’ve come to love them as if they were a part of my childhood experience just the same.

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capitanandi1686d ago

Better late than never. Congratulations!