Five Reasons Why I Won’t Be Getting Titanfall

Titanfall is awesome generally speaking, but some people might not be getting it. Here are reasons why.

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omegaheat1685d ago

I can give you five reasons nobody gives a damn.

PoSTedUP1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

i only have one: i like competitive MP, this just seems like it's- who can shoot the most fish in a barrel the quickest. but the titans definately look dope as hell, if it werent $60 on 360 as well (isnt it?) i would get it for me n my cuz to play.

RebelWAC1685d ago

1. I
2. Dont
3. Give
4. A
5. Damn

Sorry couldn´t help it...

Frodosmugins1685d ago

Only need one.... Dark Souls2!

classic191685d ago

#1 i do perfer sp over mp, but a grate mp is something wanted. i simply dnt care for this game because its fast paced, and like cod ppl will spank my azz. im simply suck at fast paced, fps game this is why i always perfer battlefield games.

corvusmd1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I'm not trying to take that away from anyone. However, at the same time, why have gamers become so negative this generation? (esp in one direction). With all the amazing games coming out (which is one of the reasons he lists), why even bother taking the time to say why you WON'T get a game? Fine, don't get it if it's not for harm, no foul. Why the need to tell everyone as if you are putting a negative vibe out there about it, almost trying to convince other people not to get it?

We each have our own opinions, and they aren't "wrong", you don't HAVE to like Titanfall (even though he does, just doesn't want to get it), but why this gen are we actively trying to spread word NOT to get games? This game seems to be taking the most heat in this regard. No one is writing articles about why they aren't getting Infamous or Order (yet based on several previews there are real concerns about both, just as much if not more so than Titanfall...hence why they have been so secretive about Infamous which releases next week, and Order has been called broken by several previewers...I hope and have faith that both will turn out fine, but where is their negative backlash?)

@PostedUp ...with a comment like that, I can't believe you've ever played the doesn't work like that at all. IF you are implying that mowing down AI will some how get you in the lead, you are sorely mistaken. Killing AI does very little other than just adding to the hectic chaos and satisfaction of mowing down stuff while in a Titan, while allowing less experienced players to enjoy the game as well...if you want to get ahead of the game and get your Titan before the other team overpowers need to kill Pilots...

@frodo I get that, but then why take it out on's the first game in a LONG LONG LONG time that actually HAS lived up to the hype, that's why it's getting so many positive's not for everyone, but it is the real deal.

Frodosmugins1685d ago

Cos marketing sucks!

Everything is hype now days and not just in the gaming industry!

a lot of people can see through the lies of these game company's...
So the only way we can vent our frustration "cos game companys don't listen" is by making fun of those that fall for the hype!

PoSTedUP1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

doesnt thoes kills count towards your K/D ratio? sorry i didnt clarify, what i meant was: when i play competitively i play to get the most kills in most of my FPS (mostly death match and TDM). ill even play an objective map if its longer; just to kill things, for longer, lol. (for instance, ill play warzones in KillZone mercenary bc its longer and turn off everything on my screen like crosshairs, voices, radar/ objective round info- and just kill peolle.) if i want objectives i play something like Operation Flashpoint coop etc. (personally).

@ your first two paragraphs: yeah i hear you, it was like that last gen too. but more this gen bc imo, it has a lot to do with MS f-ing up (im not blaming them). but it seems like since everyone was so vocal about all that stuff, theyre now attcking EVERYTHING and are on their "listen to my 'empowering' speech bc 'im for the gamers'" soapbox. it is ridiculous this gen. we didnt hear this s*** when motorstorm had that phony gameplay trailer that mislead everyone. but now watch dogs is COMPLETELY out of line. /s. ppl werent so Vocal when GT5p was a 40 ps3 demo (and digtally). etc. ppl need to f-ing relax for real. but honestly voicing your opinion about why youre not getting a game isnt anything new and was last gen also. but i hear what youre saying bro.

josephayal1685d ago

titanfall is overrated but fun