EverQuest Next will have PS4 social features, new content coming to EQ and EQ2

EverQuest Next, the upcoming third title in Sony Online Entertainment's MMO franchise, is definitely launching on PlayStation 4 in the future, developers confirmed with Polygon.

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Yahdaree1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

Sweet, I hope it comes to PS4 sooner rather than later. I used to love Frontiers on PS2!

KrisButtar1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

Subscription fee?

Edit: Looked it up and I guess there is no sub fee which is a plus

Kennytaur1684d ago

Maybe Plus is the sub fee?

I'm sorry but I had to make the joke. I know it's bad.

KrisButtar1684d ago

Even if Plus is required its a lot cheaper than the other subscription MMOs coming to the system.

The no sub fee(if it doesn't require plus) looks great if your looking to get into a MMO. Might make a better option than FF14 and ESO.

DigitalRaptor1684d ago

Excellent. Can't wait for this, and free-to-play to boot.

Planetside 2, I can see coming out mid 2014, so I won't expect EQN until mid-2015.

ocelot071684d ago

Wait so as I understand there are 2 Everquest Next games coming out. Everquest Next Landmark which is sort of like a minecraft meats red faction type game. Then Everquest Next which is your typical MMO? If so then I really hope we get Landmark but if possible both titles.

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