Microsoft Investigating User Problems With Xbox One Chat Adapter

The past two weeks have seen a number of changes to the Xbox One platform. The March update improved social features, yesterday brought Twitch streaming, and new accessories allow users more flexibility with regard to personal audio. Unfortunately, there are reports of issues with the latter.

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mewhy321779d ago

sure does look big and clunky. Why didn't they just use a standard piece of hardware or, I don't know, just change the appearance of the old headset and not force you to purchase an adaptor? Oh want . Nevermind.

Fireseed1779d ago

Because the adapter has the new hardware in it for the updated audio codec.

darthv721779d ago

If it can be patched via a controller fw update then that is a good thing.

BattleTorn1779d ago

I'm having trouble finding one. My EB Games had no clue it was even being released..

4logpc1779d ago

Bestbuy is the only place I can even order one.

MiloGarret1779d ago

Bought it from the ms store, no problems.

n4rc1779d ago

Haven't found one yet either.. seems most are bundled with headsets

TheCagyDies1779d ago

I'm getting a few snaps and crackles when I get into a quiet area of a game like the pause menu but during action it sounds great.

MCTJim1779d ago

Thanks, but I will stick to the one I made that only cost me the cheap xbox headset. 3 wires..solder..done...heat shrink and it looks fine. No issues at all

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