Nintendo Continues to Damage itself and its Reputation to Core Gamers

Over the resent months players have been worried for Nintendo’s future. Nintendo has done nothing but confuse players since the announcement of the Wii U. With fans hopping to see the company change its course Nintendo is running out of time to impress. With time running slim and players attention greatly turned on the Xbox One and PS4 it is Nintendo’s job to step up to the plate and impress a crowd like they once knew how to do. So what does Nintendo do, continue to make mistakes and vital ones.

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TheSuperior 1686d ago

I am just horrified at this. I have been a Nintendo supporter through think and thin and now they are proving to care so little about the people who have been there. I bought a Wii U day one and guess what its been over a year since I turned it on, my 3DS on the other hand I play daily. I wish there was an even medium where I get the most of my 3DS and Wii U. my 3DS cant support my gaming needs as I have to charge it often and my Wii U has no reason to be one :/

Abash1686d ago

Over a year? You didn't even turn it on for Super Mario 3D World? O_o

DryBoneKoopa851686d ago

@TheSuperior: In over a year now you have had no reason to turn it on? So games like Super Mario 3D World, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3, New Super Mario Bros. U, Earthbound, and Legend Of Zelda Wind Waker HD did not interest you?
Why did you pick up a Wii U in the first place then? What were you thinking Nintendo was going to release?

LOL_WUT1686d ago

Reggie said they wanted to recapture the hardcore gamer to which they lost to Sony and Microsoft and going as far as speaking about Battlefield for the WiiU. The only thing they are doing is appealing to to their own user base many of their titles have done nothing to intice Xbox or playstation gamers as a whole. The sales speak for themselves ;)

L0L_WUT1686d ago

until proper game like the bayonetta mario kart smash bros comes out the sales will stay abysmal. oh and don't count on 3rd party software . ;)

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1685d ago

"Reggie said they wanted to recapture the hardcore gamer to which they lost to Sony and Microsoft"

First of all.
Nintendo wanting to recapture gamers wasn't 100% their goal.
It was their plan for Wii U lifetime.

It started off good til Rayman Legend and Duex Ex delay which really killed the Wii U chance of dominating.

Also just because you want something doesn't mean you will get it. I for one never believed it why because the games weren't what made NES or SNES had or any of the handheld got. Japanese Third Party Exclusives.

Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Tales, Star Ocean, Shin Megami Tensei, Mega Man, Ninja Gaiden, Castlevania, Metal Gear, Ys, Mana Series, Harvest Moon and list goes on.

Which aren't anything Microsoft can easily acquire but Sony did manage to get most entry to each series.

Nintendo wanted to recapture SNES third party support. Not EA, Activision, Disney, Ubisoft or any Western Publishers because they weren't responsible for helping SNES being successful.

Zodiac1686d ago

Super Mario 3D world
Pikin 3
Lego City
Wind Waker HD
Donkey Kong

That is just 6 games, but all were released about over the past year. None of those do anything for you?

BoneBone1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

Liar. There's been a bucket load of top games released within 12 months. You want Nintendo to come round and load it up for you?

You know you're a fanboy who's flew a bit too far over the cuckoo's nest when you're making up babyish lies like this.

wonderfulmonkeyman1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

If you can't find anything worth playing on the system at this point, then your definition of what constitutes a worthwhile game, is narrowed to the point of being detrimental to you as a gamer.
Be more open-minded and you WILL find games to play on it.

Not only has the first party lineup steadily increased to become attractive, there are quite a few great third party offerings already out on the system as well.
And the indie support in the very near future, if not already, is phenomenal. Lots more high-quality titles than shovelware, even though the number of games compared to steam is way smaller due to the lack of all the shovelware.

If you really have no reason to own a Wii U at this point, then sell it off to someone who will properly appreciate it, or trade it in for credit towards something else.
I'm sure someone with a much broader view of what constitutes a good game will give it a happy home alongside their Sony and/or Microsoft consoles.

Reeze1685d ago

It's the opposite for me. I keep coming back to my Wii U because I haven't finished any of the games I own, and sadly, because of this, the 3DS gets little attention.

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evilkillerk1686d ago

I dont believe Nintendo is doing that badly, I just think we've grown up so are taste in games has changed

MrSwankSinatra1686d ago

We grew up with nintendo, nintendo didn't grow up with us. they're stuck in the past.

wonderfulmonkeyman1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

Funny, because I'm still enjoying the living hell out of their first party titles due to the changes they keep introducing into the tried and true formulas, and I sure as SHIT don't remember Nintendo being anywhere NEAR as good to the indies in the past as they are being NOW.

That's not even including the few new IP's they've invested in, alongside their new move to allow more licensing of their characters to third parties who want some help making a new game attempt sell better on the system.
Hyrule Warriors is only the first of the attempts to come, and if they're even half as good then things will be fine.

And does the inclusion of DS games in the near future even need to be restated for how awesome it is?
Keeping the good games alive through this kind of Backwards Compatibility is a smart move, especially if rare games go up on offer from third parties that want to take advantage of the slowly increasing advertisement efforts that Nintendo is starting to show, to give some of their old DS games a boost to sales when they start hitting the Wii U.

Stuck in the past?
That's saying too much now.

Nintendo's got some improvements to make, sure, but that criticism isn't as true as it once was.
Change has been slow and steady, but it's happening all around people who open their eyes and look beyond the desire to see Nintendo just blatantly copy everything that their rivals are doing, from architecture to internet offerings[which, btw, are actually quite good now, especially with Friend Codes dying away] to the controller the Wii U relies on.

It also helps that they're expanding and opening up new studios rather than firing people and selling off buildings.
Those are good signs of increased growth and of even more games on the horizon.

hatsume-miku1685d ago

If for grow up you mean playing shooters or violent games all day then I prefer to remain a child...

MrSwankSinatra1685d ago

@monkeyman & hatsume you guys are so emotional lol

DanManDantheMan1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

Meanwhile, as Wii U and 3DS house the highest rated games of the generation...

The only damage Nintendo is doing is failing to collect the money we throw at them by not filling up the release schedule and marketing their system to others who would gladly throw their money at them if they even knew the system or particular game existed.

And that only goes for Wii U. There's no problem with the 3DS.

TheGrimBunny1686d ago

We have a unique generation that is moving fast when it comes to media, gaming and technology. One day something is amazing the next it is not or there is simply something better available. Most of the numbers come from Japan as the years go by. If you had to take numbers from English speaking territories in the past 3 years... I think things would be very different. So much so that more articles like this would see the light of day rather then having to worry about Nintendo PR with all the large conglomeration of gaming blogs owned by larger companies.

higgins781685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

Its not quality but quantity that counts - these days, haven't the Sony and Microsoft fan boys taught you anything? I think people were so spoiled with past Nintendo console launches, be it games or innovations or both that has left the Wii U launch feel slightly underwhelming. Point is however we now have a wonderful console due to firmware updates and a varied collection of brilliant games IF you can avert your eyes from the latest FPS re-skinned.

TheGrimBunny1686d ago

Nintendo used have games like Resident Evil... I even remember when a specific Resident Evil was EXCLUSIVE to the Nintendo Game Cube... now the titles they have... are there any third party publishers anymore, I know Ubisoft released a couple as well as Warner Bros. Entertainment going out on a limb with a new version of Batman which worked actually in my opinion for the Wii-U but all the games that are developed from third parties are probably exclusive to Japan or elsewhere, because that seems to be their main market... it's doing great there.

Microsoft and Sony stretch the globe with there consoles, as well as their exclusive titles, unique features and have joined the world of blu-ray which may just be what takes place of dvd's - although that does not apply to the 3DS I can still rent a movie at least on my PS Vita which is fully integrated with the Playstation.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1685d ago

Resident Evil Wii game were timed exclusives til Sony ps move and 3DS Revelation.

Benjaminkno1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )


All while Sony and the XBox brand are floundering...

This is clearly meat for the herd of console gamers that don't game on PC.
Nintendo still has a lockdown on their fiscal house. All while third party developers are disappearing in the name of Call of Duty and EA...
The best part is that the story being told here is just a distraction for Sony and XBot fanboys that have declared war by purchasing a WiiU to never turn it on because Nintendo "betrayed" the hardcore audience. There's plenty of Nintendo fans that don't give a flyin...

Nevermind that Nintendo is expanding.

I smell a price drop on the XB1. And I hope PS4 can keep snowballing.

I didn't read the article when "recent" is misspelled as "resent".

Reeze1685d ago

And "hopping" instead of "hoping." R.I.P. editing .

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