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PlayMagazine writes: "So, Titanfall then. There’s literally zero chance that anyone reading this has isn’t already plenty familiar with Respawn Entertainment’s debut title, so that means we can skip all the needless introductions and padding about the game’s lineage until it actually becomes relevant, and instead focus our attention on what is, easily, the biggest release of the past twelve months on any platform. The Titanfall hype machine has been rolling on at full speed right from day one, and that’s not necessarily a good thing as far as developers are concerned. Expectations can be tricky things to manage, and if you’re going to really, and I mean REALLY, get the most out of your Titanfall experience, it’s essential you leave your preconceptions, inflated expectations and hype-drenched imagination at the door and take the game for what it is, not what you thought it would be."

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Killzoner991685d ago

Lots of 7s and 8s for this game. I don't think it's scoring as well as Microsoft would have hoped. I think most people are tired of FPS games anyway.

CEOSteveBallmer1685d ago

what do you expect from a game witch is "COD with different skins, mechs and parkours". has an ancient "source engine" from 2004 so explains its last gen graphics and most of all, Online only game. i would rather pick COD ghost because that game has a decent single player campaign and can be played without internet.

VanDamme1685d ago

Totally, dude.

It's like why would you expect a acura to get rated well!? It's just an accord with a slightly different body style, interior, speaker system, saftey features, rims, tires!

People just don't get it, man! The game is CoD, just like, different and stuff.

jasonc12131685d ago

There is exactly one 7/10 out of the 31 reviews making up this game's score on Metacritic. "Lots of 7s" is simply not true, Killzoner.

YodaCracker1685d ago

Strange... I've seen mostly 9s, a few 8s, and one 7.

SG1_dapunisherX1685d ago

My review is a solid 9 pure fun tf is

kiz26941685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

Mine would be around 6-7, its fun but very lack luster, when talking about Value for Money. And without a full main story, I have no feel for the battle i'm fighting in. Unlike a game that has a single player story, the story fills the battleground.

What im trying to say its I dont think a game being just "fun" should deserve a 9. Its not justified. IMO.

Team_Litt1684d ago

Value for money is relative. So is fun. You can pay $60 for an 8 hour SP game and be completely satisfied and that is fantastic for you. Someone else can pay the same amount for an MP only game and play for hundreds of hours, literally and enjoy every moment.

Who is to say who got more value for their money? I like both SP and MP and while I've sunk almost 200 hours into Skyrim, no SP only game has given me as much satisfaction as the BC2 MP.

DigitalRaptor1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

Ah. Seems like Jeff Gerstmann is the only genuine mainstream journalist right now.

Any other game on any other console, with this amount of legitimate criticism would score less across the board. It's pretty obvious this is another one of those exceptions to the rule, powered by Double Standards Inc.

maniacmayhem1684d ago

So basically any good/high reviews for Titanfall are "paid for" or have double standards as you put it and any review that criticizes and scores it low is genuine and real?

Seems fair...

DigitalRaptor1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

Hype carries well, but also clouds what is really under the surface.

Look at what Starhawk offers. Look at its fresh build & battle system incorporated into great third person shooter gameplay. Look at its dual mode mech gameplay. All of this, last generation.

Yet, it had certain design issues that were rightly acknowledged. Need I say more?

Team_Litt1684d ago

You do, how not as fun it was, touch more on that please.

DigitalRaptor1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

Hang on a second. Isn't all we hear about Titanfall, is how fun it is, as if that's all a game needs to score 9/10 or 10/10?

Definitely not depth. Nor content. Nor capability of the AIs that were used to enhance rather than add to the player count. Nor frame rate or graphical issues. /s

Isn't fun a subjective factor? Meaning that fun found in anything can vary from person to person, depending on mood and experience. You don't just bottle up fun and use it. That is where objectivity comes in to play, and that is how I remember reviews used to approach things.

Starhawk attempted more for its genre, is still a very fun game and came out 2 years prior to Titanfall. The fun you have now with TF doesn't relate to the fun you had with Starhawk 2 years ago.

My point was objectivity vs. untethered hype that people cannot seem to control when it comes to TF. Where the game has genuine issues that are being glossed over, that wouldn't get glossed over otherwise. Care to touch on that, cause it's pretty much my point?

maniacmayhem1683d ago

So basically with all that you typed it comes down to you actually never played Titanfall.

No1up1684d ago

5 rounds in to titanfall and I can tell you... It was all worth it.