Final PS All-Stars Patch Coming This Week…Hopefully

Junkie Monkeys: According to Sony Santa Monica’s Community Strategist, Aaron Kaufman (aka Just_Tank), PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale should be getting its final balance patch very soon.

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admiralvic1774d ago

Sad to see this is the last patch, but at least it looks like they're giving it their all. Plus the news of the free avatars is pretty awesome!

-Foxtrot1774d ago

Bit late don't you think, I really hope they come back to this concept in the future....but make it better

I mean only allowing supers to kill your opponent was annoying as hell. People are going to call it a Smash Bros clone regardless so they may as well of put a health mode in.

jujubee881773d ago

Just out of curiousity, are you good at the game in online modes? I'm speaking about rankings and whether you are known online as a good player.

I am pretty well known and decent at the game to the point people online kinda love to hate me when they see I pop-up. :P

king_george1774d ago

I would love a sequel to this. Super bot only got a few things wrong but overall the game was a blast and can be improved significantly with a sequel. They should start with:

-Better characters

-Better, more dynamic stages

-Maybe try to make each character more unique not just their attacks but the way they move. They cant all be the same speed, strength, etc.., smash bros for example each character is different. Fox is faster than bowser.

Snookies121774d ago

I want it to be insta-death when you drop off a stage as well. That would be nice. I agree though, the game is really fun with friends.

king_george1774d ago

I dont mind the super only kills but it shouldnt be the main focus like that. It should just be one game mode and there should be MULTIPLE game modes in my opinion.

Rodney251773d ago

I'd like the sequel to be like a traditional 2.5D fighter but that's just me.

Nerdmaster1774d ago

Now Sony knows that it's not about just putting a bunch of characters together.

r211773d ago

Fix the horrible netcode.