The Elder Scrolls Online Could Steal WoW’s Crown

Twinfinite writes, "The Elder Scrolls Online, bringing the best qualities of the Elder Scrolls series into a multiplayer platform, could be the MMO to watch out for."

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OrangePowerz1735d ago

Not if the beta is anything to go by. I was very disappointed how it plays and looks the same as Skyrim just with online people.

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bicfitness1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

If it played like a multiplayer Skyrim, no one would be complaining. I question if you actually played the Beta, which was a reskin of WoW with atrocious character models, little to no exploration that ES is famed for, and some of the blandest "kill 10 of X" quests that I've ever seen. I can't stress how ugly it is, either. Absolutely no sense of aesthetic design.

Edit: I don't like WoW, but this certainly won't be taking any crowns. It'll be a race to F2P. I give it until Christmas.

joab7771735d ago

Yeah, there r fetch quests early...but they get a lot better.

Many ppl will complain about this game but it will do VERY well if it has ample end game content. The PVP is robust and other than on N4G, all I have heard about are great things.

That and I loved the beta. Yeah, it has certain tropes but it also breaks away from many of them. Only time will tell...but an mmo doesnt have to be entirely different from WoW to b successful. Most mmos get judged harshly at launch b/c of all thecthings WoW has done that they r missing.

I am optimistic...but it will depend entirely on end game. There r millions of mmo fans that will givev this a try...and many skyrim fans too that dont even know it yet...but will fall hard for the mmo genre. Trust first it seems absurd with all the fetch quests but as soon as that carrot is dangled...its game over.

Magicite1735d ago

this game will be forgotten soon. games like GW2 and FF14ARR had most chances to steal wow crown, yet didnt succeed.

allgamespc20121735d ago

i agree with FFXIV which i absolutely love and i am on my 6th straight month paying it. ESO is just not even half as good as FFXIV

WeAreLegion1735d ago

Maybe, but they lost a lot of players to League of Legends, already.

gamesR4fun1735d ago

sad to say zero chance of that even if the market was the same as it was when wow started its gotten insanely competitive so many great games to compete against.

Saryk1735d ago

I have WoW. But after Blizzard stating that the next expansion will be $50 + I get a $60 free character to X level. I might be switching to ESO!

Wizziokid1735d ago

I don't think so, I think many people will flock to it because of the name but after playing the beta I can't see it lasting long. (Personal opinion)

DanteVFenris6661735d ago

Have you even played wow? By the beta impressions it looks like this game destroys wow in so many areas. Most people just don't understand how to play online games like wow and eso and expect it I play like a single player game. It's an mmo. Most people on here seem to think they know the genre when eso is the first one they've been interested in and don't understand them at all.

Longshot281735d ago

I've played mmos and have been in many guilds, and I understand the genre.

ESO is a boring game.

Wizziokid1735d ago

Firstly I played WoW and In fact I didn't like it, And I know the genre a lot since I've played a range of MMO's for the last 10 years thank you.

Tempest3171735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

I played wow hardcore as hell for 6 years, and have since played half dozen other mmos, most recent bing ffxiv, and eso is hardly even middle of the pack. This is not a wow killer imo, so many have tried and all have failed. Im saying this as a massive elder scrolls fan, and someone who hasbeen incredibly disappointed with the last 2 wow expansions (I stopped playing halfway through wrath, started in cata again and played for less than a day cuz I hated it)...and yes I played the eso beta

NeutronHammer1735d ago

After playing many mmos, i can say that ESO gave me for the first time (actually second, but that was many years ago when i was leveling my first ever mmo character in wow) the nice feeling to be curious of what lies beyond the horizon. Never had that feeling in Star Wars or Rift or GW2 ( or even Wild Star which also in beta). I also liked the quests, it's not Skyrim but in many things it's close enough. But will this and the nice crafting system keep us around this game for many months or years? Hard to say. Cause mmos are very complex games... For example, the nice sense of responsiveness &control that you have over your character in wow it's not here (yet? cause we are still in beta).Something which is very important cause it's a vital element of the gameplay. The tools for grouping up with others, communicate or even chat are also very bad in ESO. Pvp is also a mess... As you see important mmo factors need to be greatly improved in a game that it's closing it's release date. I will buy and probably play the game for some months, mostly for the solo experience, with the hope that many things will change after the release and at it's current state ESO it's not a WoW killer. From what i have seen all this years, a single mmo will never be a total WoW killer. But every new release apart from adding newcomers in the genre, also takes a small bite in the big pie that WoW once had.

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