PS4 designer says "of course" console gaming is here to stay

With the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, some have questioned whether or not traditional consoles like the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Wii U still have a place in the gaming landscape. For PlayStation 4 lead system architect Mark Cerny, the answer is obvious: "Of course they do." In an interview with Kotaku, Cerny explained that the rise of smartdevices does not signal the death of consoles.

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Benjaminkno3375d ago

Yeah, but it'll never be like it used to.

Smartphones and iPads are here to stay.

I'd like to see a different control scheme, and maybe something revolutionary with the kinect in the near future.

C-H-E-F3374d ago

That's how everything progress in life, from candy to lays chips, from records (vinyl) to cd's, there's plenty of things that will never be like it used to be. I know i'll miss getting the actual finished copy of a game instead of paying triple what I used to for an gorgeous alpha to only wait a year or so down the road to have the final copy (through updates). But in a sense it's all of our faults, the consumer, we allowed these changes (supported by buying into the new model of gaming we have today), we cried and cried for this for that. Now they are doing it, but because they can "update" a game they don't have to "finish" the game like back in the day.

That's why you have to find devs. that still have that old school work ethic and care for consumer satisfaction (Ready at Dawn, GG, Santa Monica, Naughty Dog etc.) that release quality and you support them because they are the last of a dying breed of devs. that care more-so about the art they are creating opposed to the monetary value of that art.

darthv723374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

Console gaming will remain as long as there is appeal for it. However, there is also the competition of "convenience". The convenience is taking on a more popular trend with the rise in portable entertainment.

Portable entertainment is also beginning to double as freestanding entertainment when more devices are outputting to TV's now more than ever. its becoming a standard that even dedicated portable devices have yet to fully embrace.

When someone can plug their phone/tablet into a tv and pick up a controller to play some games you know its challenging tradition. That isnt exactly a bad thing because we have seen where even a dedicated portable can do the same.

PSP 2000 introduced tv out and the PSP Go took that one step further by adding in real controller support so the ability is there for there to be a hybrid portable/console by a big gaming entity. Yet that is sort of where it ended.

i understand the traditionalists but you have to be just as understanding with moving the industry in a new direction. Gaming is no longer limited to the couch even if there are those who refuse to accept that. Gaming wants to move into everything and become bigger than it was. it wants to be as big as music, movies and accepted by all walks of life as THE mainstream media outlet.

you cant do that by staying traditional.

curtis923374d ago

And I'd like to see something different than a steering wheel in a car. I mean it works flawlessly... I just feel like something with less control is how I'd like to steer my car, ya know? Just... because.

u got owned3374d ago

"Of course" he in not gonna said otherwise.

RPG_Lover3374d ago

Not in Japan it isnt. Mobile is killing hardware. That is a fact

Hicken3374d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

You have some evidence to back up this "fact" of yours?

Handhelds are more popular in Japan than home consoles right now. That's not the same as mobiles. And that's also not something that can never change.

Edit: That's not evidence.

First of all, you lack any links to back that claim up.

Second, that seems to coincide with the decrease in console sales, does it not? What percentage of that decrease was from handhelds slowing?

Third, there's no proven positive correlation between the increase in smartphone and tablet sales, and a decrease in dedicated gaming device sales. Granted, there's definitely some small percentage of handheld sales that will have been affected, but the difficult thing on the mobile side is that sales numbers are skewed by people getting new phones or tablets when the next model come out, or when they break their old one, or when their contracts are up.

It's often said that "numbers don't lie." It's true, but only partially: given context, numbers can say whatever you want them to say. Unfortunately, you don't have enough evidence to support what you say your numbers mean.

RPG_Lover3374d ago

Over the last 10 years Dedicated hardware sales have gone down over 50% according to famitsu.

GW2123374d ago

It's here to stay until you can fit console hardware into a phone or tablet and take it with you. The desire to play games on a big screen (or VR or stereoscopic etc) will always be there.

chrissx3374d ago

Ofcourse console gaming is here to stay, for a long time B)

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