Southie man killed over PlayStation, friends say

A 27-year-old South Boston native was gunned down in a parking lot at the West Broadway Housing Development yesterday in what friends said was a fight over a stolen Sony PlayStation.

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kmis874450d ago

Wow, that is terrible. First that guy kills that little girl over his xbox, and now this. I can't believe people are this messed up.

FadeToBlack4449d ago

Its a very, very mad world....

THAMMER14449d ago

3 years ago this guy broke into my house while I was out of town to steal my X1. He was a total moron because I knew he was the only person who knew I was leaving and I took it with me. All he got was my suround sound. But when I got home I went to his apartment with my thunder stick and got back my stuff. Lets just put it this way he knew I was not for games.

DC RID3R4449d ago

i respect you,
and your open-approach,
but me,
would've opened the toast!!!

done it b4.

death monk4449d ago

It saddens me how materialistic people have become.