Titanfall benchmarks nvidia

Titanfall is shaping up to be the next big shooter. Wondering how it will run on your NVIDIA graphics card?

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FinalomegaS1685d ago

It's funny but they say PC settings at max, so I have the GTX 780 w/ 3GB, i7 Extreme with SSD with 16GB Ram, this is pretty much right up there.

i'm expecting a lot, but... I'll wait a bit until i see a patch or two for the PC version.

I'm in no rush...

gamernova1684d ago

To max at 1440p I would think a 780ti is necessary. I can't max at 60 with 780 gigabyte ghz.

FinalomegaS1683d ago

i'm trying to not resort getting the ti, what size screen are you playing on?

gamernova1683d ago

Yeah, if you have the 780, definitely do not get the ti. I am using the 27 inch Asus 1440p monitor. The only thing I cannot max is the AA. IT drastically lowers frames to max and as you know, you need the fastest reactions to do well on competitive online games.