Titanfall Xbox One vs PC HD Comparison

Watch a HD comparison video between Titanfall on Xbox One and PC.

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alextdarling1684d ago

What is the benefit of these comparisons? feel so pointless

AngelicIceDiamond1684d ago

Yeah they are.

Btw the team said it was possible for fulll 1080p update after launch.

In case anyone was wondering.

alextdarling1684d ago

I played the beta on Xbone and I honestly couldnt complain about the resolution

DeadRabbits1683d ago

I want to see a 720p vs 792p comparison to see the difference between the xbone and 360 versions!

Those extra 72p's are costing 500 bucks!

Ulf1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )


I'm sure the 360 will be more like 540-600p, upscaled to 720p.

The XB1 version matches PCs with GPUs that cost $250 by themselves, so I'm not complaining:

1683d ago
ABizzel11683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )


Lies, those GPUs in that benchmark are running TitanFall in 1080p with 8x MSAA, both of which the XBO version isn't close to doing, and only the top 2 GPUs which I might add are well above 60fps cost $250, meanwhile everything else is around $150 or less and still outperforming the XBO with the exception of the APU and the Integrated graphics.


There are several reasons. Some people do it just to troll (fanboys). Some people do it just because they generally like knowing and comparing the differences gets their site hits (lensoftruth). Meanwhile some people use this is get a good read on what performance levels to expect from the hardware going forward (myself). It's not always cynical.


Did you read/know the sacrifices they'd have to make to reach 1080p? Who on earth would want 1080p just for the sake of having it, at the cost of no AA which means jaggies EVERYWHERE. Possible or not it's stupid to have the game look a complete mess just to hit 1080p, it's not a showcase as it is. The only ones that make sense are the 792p with MSAA (most likely 2xMSAA), and 900p with FXAA (slight blur for higher resolution) which again a bit counterintuitive considering 792p to 900p isn't a big jump.

OT: The PC version obviously benefits from the higher resolution, it has much better AA, and textures are a tad better. My guess is 792p @ 60fps, 2x MSAA, Mid-High settings.

Sano641683d ago

I would like to see a comparison between the ps4 at 1080p and the pc at 1440p because it can and does run at that resolution.
We never see these reviewers cap the ps4 to 720 or 792p like like the do with the pc and 1080p

porkChop1683d ago

Considering the game is already struggling to maintain 60fps, even occasionally dipping to single digits at 792p, don't ever expect the game to be updated to 1080p. If 60fps is their goal then it would actually make more sense to lower the games resolution to 720p for a more consistent framerate.

ProjectVulcan1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

Facepalm at ulf again.

Xbox One's framerate tallies up to what an R7 260X does there.

Near 60FPS average, 1 percent minimum > than 33FPS

Except the R7 260X runs the game 1920 x 1080 which is virtually TWICE the resolution of Xbox One, and 8 x AA, which is 4 times the AA samples (performance) of Xbox One.

In addition the PC version on max will have NO screen tearing (unlike Xbox One) plus having subtly superior lighting effects. Minor, but hey, it's there.

What makes it all the more hilarious is that the 260X costs less than £100/$130.

How on earth you think Xbox One is matching a $250 GPU is a mystery when a $130 one is destroying it on Titanfall?!?!?!

Gamer19821683d ago

@AngelicIceDiamond - They never said 1080p they just said they were gonna increase resolution so that sites just guessing and the games struggling really badly now at barely 720p.. There's no way it can do 1080p unless they cut it to 30fps. You can patch in things like bug fixes and minor enhancements but a resolution change that big and the changes needed to optimize the game after launch?? Just not possible.. Not to mention the xbox one cannot handle 1080p with these kind of graphics we all know its true by now..

Kleptic1683d ago


no idea where you're getting your resolution information...but a game natively rendered at 1920 x 1080 with NO AA is still superior to a game at ~720 with 2x AA, in terms of tangible aliasing...higher native resolution gives 'free' would hardly have 'jaggies everywhere'...especially from a a typical console viewing distance...1080 still benefits from MSAA, but far less than something at around 720...where its an absolute requirement...

no argument...if Respawn could've got the game to render at 1080, they would've...I'm tired of all these arguments that devs are just 'choosing not to'...the xbox one can't do it...the PS4 can only do it some of the time...disappointing, yes...but its the way it is this gen...

the consoles are a 1/3rd of a year old...just accept it...they're not 1080/60fps devices for all modern games...

slivery1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

So the game is having serious framerate problems dipping to single digits with just 792p and you people seriously expect higher with better results?

When it comes to the Xbox One, all logic...

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feraldrgn1683d ago

Looks like a game from the end of the PS3/360 gen, not really pushing anything.
It'll be fun for people though.

Spenok1683d ago

That's definitely true. Sure doesn't push any boundaries in the graphics department. However the art direction is certainly much better than IW (Or technically Respawns) previous games.

And the real point of games is to have fun. And I enjoyed the beta. Not enough to buy it, but the point is if people enjoy it, they will play it. So kudos to them for making a fun game. Hope it does well.

Kayant1683d ago

With the quality of the player. I can spot texture and AA differences.

Boody-Bandit1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

I spotted frame rates (when panning up and down the tower) and a couple video tears as well on the X1 version. Overall though it's what most would expect the differences would be.

webduelist1683d ago

the trees are what really stood out to me. That and distance rendering.

windblowsagain1683d ago

You don't buy that game for graphics.

Poor on both.

Anyone seen the 360 version yet?

tee_bag2421683d ago

Games like this a fast and news a high frame rate. It's not fun playing a slide show.

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