'Titanfall' Review (Xbox One): The Iron Giant | Forbes

Speed. It’s been missing from the competitive FPS genre since the days of Quake. Call of Duty lets you sprint for mere seconds at a time. Gears of War has you run only when it leads to hiding behind a wall. Halo allows more mobility in the form of a power-armor assisted vertical leap, but often getting from one side of the map to the other is a daunting, plodding journey.

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christocolus1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

The critics are indeed very pleased with this one.

And thumbs up to from software on dark souls 2 seems it doing well too.

Rimeskeem1779d ago

I never ever trust Forbes

marlinfan101779d ago

seems like ps fanboys don't trust any of these game sites now that they gave good titanfall reviews

Rimeskeem1779d ago

No its not that its because they gave Titanfall a 9/10 (i thought i would get higher) but because their predictions are terrible and a lot of the things they do are wrong.

I would like to respond to more people but i only have 2 bubbles now :(

2pacalypsenow1779d ago

what the hell does forges know about games?

Wizard_King1779d ago

They know how to take money from MS

No_Limit1779d ago

another great review. Keep 'em coming.