New Pro Baseball Spirits 2014 Trailer is a Home Run

Konami has released a new trailer for the Japanese sports-simulator Professional Baseball Spirits 2014.

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redknight801681d ago

Sad to see it isn't coming on the PS4...or is it later? When I was visiting Japan back in 2008, I brought the game back with me and had a blast and have imported also the 2010 version. Was hoping I could import this year's game but looks like next year will be the year...damn. This year's MLB: The Show is looking good so hopefully my baseball needs will be satisfied with that.

sinncross1681d ago

I guess I can understand that the other Sony platforms have large userbases for the game, but on the other hand a PS4 release now could have helped to starting creating the foundation for the series moving forward on the PS4.

There are reasons for both arguments I imagine.

redknight801681d ago

yeah, I would assume with the PS4 releasing at a later date in Japan as opposed to other territories, the install base will take some time to get to the level they want before they can release a PS4 version, especially since I would assume the game only sells well in Japan. I definitely understand their decision, but shoot I was hoping to get this as my first PS4 baseball game. I sold off my 2010 version about half a year ago and haven't picked up the Show for the past couple of years too so I was just missing on my baseball....but yeah, The Show is coming very soon so I won't have to wait too long. :)

DanielGearSolid1681d ago

All Sony has to do is release one commercial, "The PS4 is the only nextgen console you can play baseball video games" 1million sold instantly!
(Jk, but they should emphasize that in some form when the Show comes out)