Ben Heck creates one handed PS4 controller for disabled gamers

Gadgetgyaan: The world is witnessing something new regularly with the advancement in the technology. Well, the technology is there for the human goods and today, the gaming modder Ben Heck has designed a new single handed Playstation 4 controller. Well, this is the new gaming controller for the disable gamers. No one is different from others.

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Agent Smith1780d ago

No longer would I have to choose whether to play the game or take a bite out of my sandwich.

parentoftheyear1779d ago

Where is our good guy Ben heck meme?

Neonridr1780d ago

Just a suggestion author, you start too many sentences with the word "Well, ". I don't know if that is due to limitations with the English language, but just a suggestion to make the piece read a little easier.

That being said, this controller is a very creative idea. I wonder how well it works.

Gadgetgyaan1779d ago

really appreciate your suggestion sir.

Heisenburger1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

You should have said: "Well, I really appreciate your suggestion sir."

That's a good, clean zing.

*Stealthed by Heavy...

Well that's just fantastic. /s


xHeavYx1779d ago

Well, that's a great suggestion

parentoftheyear1779d ago

One of the hardest things I learned in college.

BABY-JEDI1779d ago

Well. That went down well. It's good that you helped him with your well informed suggestion. Bubbles up & keep well.
; )

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gillri1780d ago

Will also help me as I am a serial [email protected]

AD7051779d ago

Of course someone had to make a masterbating joke lol.

PoSTedUP1780d ago

i feel a lot better now that disabled gamers can enjoy games just as much as me. i dont know who ben heck is but, thank you.

Killzoner991779d ago

The PS4 is for EVERYONE. Nobody gets left out.

Immorals1779d ago

Unless they send me a free one, I'll be left out

Tommy_titfer1779d ago

Kind of an ironic thing to say with the context of the title.

Audiggity1779d ago

Right... the console of choice for disabled people to hack their own standard controllers into single hand mods.

A process that unfortunately requires two hands.

Now* if Sony buys Ben Heck's hack and produces it, they would deserve some serious credit.

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The story is too old to be commented.