Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster 'The Summoner’s Journey' Launch Trailer

Square Enix today released the launch trailer, “The Summoner’s Journey” for Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster.

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Snookies121682d ago

One week to go... So glad I've held off on just going back through the PS2 version. Haven't gone through X in quite some time, so this'll be a real treat.

3-4-51682d ago

First time for me, also can't wait to play this.

I've only played FF7 & 11.

Snookies121682d ago

Ah, it's unfortunate you won't get to hear the original soundtrack then. Not saying the new one is bad, but some tracks are changed for better or worse. Regardless, it's a really amazing game. I can't wait to put in another 200+ hours, lol.

3-4-51682d ago

I've actually heard most of the original soundtrack years ago when I made some songs using samples from a lot of FFX's music.

I remember absolutely loving about 4-5 tracks. To bad there is no option to hear the original. O well, at least I get to play the game/s.

1682d ago
Lucreto1682d ago

Can't wait to play this. So hyped.

Fishermenofwar1682d ago

Anima in HD...((Wets self))

vergilxx31682d ago

More like whole game in HD

Wrightylfc881682d ago

More like lulu's breasts in hd haha

Fishermenofwar1681d ago

You win the internet!!!! :)