Microsoft's hopes "Titanfall" shows off Xbox One's technology

Microsoft itself has a lot riding on "Titanfall." The game gives the company a chance to show off the Xbox One's technology while crushing its competition - namely, Sony's Playstation 4.

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NewMonday2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Ryse is still the best technical game for the xB1 even if the gameplay was bad

Titanfall is the opposite, the gameplay is good but the graphics are bland with bad frame-rates and screen tearing

maybe year 2 games an be better.

MS need to stop competing with the PS4 in specs, it's just too powerful

cleft52658d ago

I am sure Titanfall is a great game, but it hardly shows off what the Xbox One can do. On top of that I don't even think it has any Kinect integration. Titanfall will be a system seller, but it want showcase the performance of the system.

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dedicatedtogamers2658d ago

Yeah, Titanfall is a really, really terrible example of what the X1 can or can't do. It struggles to keep a solid framerate, screen tearing everywhere, and it doesn't even look that good.

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PONTIAC08G8GT2658d ago

Right now TF is useless to me because I can't sign in to my profile for the past 4 hours. I'm an avid Xbox fan but this is unacceptable. The day you launch the biggest game for the X1, at peak time as people are off work and out of school, and Xbox Live is limited. How can you justify that? TF was going to increase X1 sales, Live was going to get hit hard, you needed a flawless launch, and you serve up this poopoo platter. I was able to play this morning with no issues, but now that everyone is home and wants to play, Live is limited. MS with all there resources and no fix 4+ hours later is just mind boggling to me. Very disappointed in MS. Titanfall is awesome, super fun game, I'm loving it, but what about those who picked up an X1 this afternoon to play and they are staring at an error message.

Step up your game MS

PONTIAC08G8GT2658d ago


Have you even player the game? I've experienced no lag, no screen tearing, and no frame rate issues. Did you just read it or hear about it?And the game does look good. Maps are beautiful. Titans are very detailed. Is it mind blowing graphics? No but they do the job just fine.

MRMagoo1232658d ago

I actually laughed out loud and had to explain to my wife why i laughed when i read the title of this article, I dont care how much anyone loves titanfall no one can say its a technical or graphical showcase for the xbone , if they do say that, they must have low expectations for what the console can produce.

AngelicIceDiamond2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

@infected Take it from someone who has the game and I don't experience "bad" framesrates. Framerate dips yeah but its not bad not even close actually.

@Dedicated that's internet chatter and gossip. There's one thing to talk about it but to play it is way different.

I'm not saying what your saying is false but it's not NEARLY as bad as you make it sound. Lol not even close.

I actually have the game so I can talk.

Volkama2658d ago

Why do people equate "What the Xbox can do" with pixels and framerates?

XBox Live is a bigger part of the One's identity than pixel pushing, and Titanfall is a showcase for it (for better or worse).

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Gamer19822658d ago

LOL it doesn't show off the xbox one though it looks and feels like an xbox 360 game on the xbox one.. Then again the PC version doesn't look too great even with the better textures.. Still blows the xbox one version out the window though.

cyclindk2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

I think Ryse's unvaried gameplay was it's biggest downfall or flaw at least. To me, the actual "gameplay" looked very smooth, just repetitive as all holy hell and not enough other things to do to mix it up.

Not an excuse, but to be expected of first year titles.

ABizzel12658d ago

Ryse is still the best "technical" game for the xB1 even if the gameplay was bad.

Graphically yes, and technology wise yes. But technical no, considering it's framerate drops.

TitanFall could be them showing off what their online servers can do.

I guess Halo 5 / Gears are going to be the games that nail graphics / gameplay / online. Maybe Quantum Break.

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Eddie201012658d ago

Microsoft thinks if they say something enough people will believe it. Titanfall isn't a technical showcase for Xbox One or PC.

GamingNerd0132658d ago

Agreed yo I don't c how titinfall shows any technical things on X1 good graphics no cloud BS that MS been bragging about before no hardly anything about it is technical. Ryse DR3 r the only games I can say r somewhat technical as ryse is really good in graphics that's about it and DR3 4 having thounsands of zombies on screen. To tell u the truth this guy I don't like he just sounds stupid Phil spencer is the only MS guy I think is really cool as he try's to make xbox brand better and trying to brink more new ips into X1 and just sounds more realistic about things ya know.

cyclindk2658d ago

Not even a technical showcase for 360..

Both consoles, 360 and X1 are capable of much more.

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SITH2658d ago

No not seriously. Watch the interview. They never say what is in the title which all that you clearly read. It was clearly embellished.

DanielGearSolid2658d ago

Why would they say this...

Like seriously, why?

The game runs on 360 ffs

MightyNoX2658d ago

Well what else can he say? Forza? That horse has been flogged to dust.

SITH2658d ago

Microsoft did not say this. Watch the interview.

Cussing2658d ago

I'm not sure how a game that's available for PC, looks better on PC, Plays better on PC. Can be a showcase for Xbox one..

805Junior8052658d ago

It's doing the opposite, unfortunately. If they make another console, big if, hopefully they're mind is in the right place next time going around.

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