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We Got This Covered wrote:

To say that I was excited before I sat down to play Dark Souls II is a bit of an understatement. I’ve lost countless hours to both Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls respectively, so the chance to dive further into what’s quickly becoming my favorite gaming franchise of all time wasn’t something I was going to pass up. I was ready for every test, every trap, and every trick that they could possibly throw at me. I expected nothing less than to come in an already grizzled warrior and be able to continue to absolutely slaughter everything in my way. Within the first few minutes, I was sat on by a giant cyclotpic hippo beast and I died almost instantly. I was greeted by the familiar “You Died” message, and a new trophy simply entitled “Welcome to Dark Souls.” Now that my review time with Dark Souls II has come to an end, one thing I can say for sure is the gods did not look favorably upon my hubris.

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