SlasherJPC: Dark Souls 2 Graphics Downgraded?

SlasherJPC comments about the downgraded graphics in Dark Souls 2: "Even then, there have been plenty of discussions, even before the official reviews have come out, about how the retail version of Dark Souls 2 looks worse than the network test a couple of months ago. And compared to the gameplay videos by the publishers themselves, the graphics, specifically the lighting effects, look noticeably downgraded, going with canned shadows, rather than the beautiful real-time lighting shown in the gameplay videos released from the publisher themselves. SlasherJPC discusses this same issue, and sheds light on just how much difference the graphical changes are, and his overall thoughts about developers pulling these bait and switch tactics."

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Hellsvacancy2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Bet they showed PC or next gen console footage, it's going to land on the PS4/XB1 at some point

Still annoys me, i'm not going to miss out though