First Titanfall Xbox One server update tackles slow loading problems

Respawn, EA and Microsoft collaborate to smooth out launch wobbles.

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Dudebro902654d ago

I'm amazed how smooth the servers are for day one. Not even call of duty has this smooth on launch day.

lolCHILLbro2654d ago

Yes very smooth, loading issues seems non exsistent to me, enjoying the lag free MP

Gazondaily2654d ago

The power of the cloud? *cheeky smile*

No is.

Volkama2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

I've been keeping an eye out for reports of connectivity or performance issues. It has all been so quiet I started to think perhaps I'd misread the US launch date or something.

Great job, I wonder if EA will work with Microsoft for future games (at least XBox versions) or if they will still insist they can handle it.

christocolus2654d ago

If this has been fixed then why are naysayers bombarding the article prior to this? The one that mentions the problem. I dont see those guys coming here to talk

Crazyglues2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

Well these are the Microsoft Azure Dedicated servers and as Respawn talked about the advantage of having these, which were..

**True Dedicated Servers**

Dedicated servers are when a computer sitting out on the internet handles all of the host duties, leaving every client free to just be a client.

-- You can get even more CPU on your dedicated servers to do new things like dozens of AI and giant autopilot titans!
-- Suddenly you have no more host advantage!
-- Bandwidth for the servers is guaranteed from the hosting provider!
-- You can use all of the available CPU and memory on the player machines for awesome visuals and audio!
-- Hacked-host cheating isn’t an issue!
-- Matchmaking can be lightning fast since it’s guaranteed that everyone can connect to your servers.
-- And since the servers aren’t going to go disconnect to watch Netflix, you don’t need to migrate hosts anymore!

The player experience is so much better -Respawn

----------------------------- ----------

I for one, can confirm it plays much better then any internet game I've played from BF4 to COD they all have * Game-setup Dedicated Servers* / big difference, they just start the game, not host it... This is the first time I can say wow, I had some amazing lag-free games with perfect hit detection..

Is there lag, a little stutter here and there, but hardly worth mentioning because it's so minor - I've played over 25 games and 1 had slight lag on a player, not on the whole game, but a player by himself lagging a little.. so he would move left and then be to the right, very slightly and even in that game it cleaned up.. and he was back butter smooth.

Nothing close to what you get everyday every game on BF4 and COD... - and I'm sure once they tweak it -- it will be just like the beta, butter smooth...

It's just night and day, and it really adds to the player experience.. worth every penny -- From now on I rather play on Hosting Dedicated Servers hosting the whole game then play on anything else...

...and I'm off to go back and Play...

-Stand By for Titanfall-

-And this is coming from a PS4 guy playing TitanFall on PC so I'm not a fanboy, it really runs amazing on these servers.. -And I'm having a blast

||.........___||............ ||

Volkama2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

BF4 had real dedicated servers on all platforms.

It doesn't have the scaling capacity or geographic coverage that Azure has, and it had all sorts of problems. But it wasn't P2P like almost every other game, and the servers are quite good when BF4 is working :)

Other than that, you're spot on.

Magicite2654d ago

if ur playing on PC then uve nothing to do with azure.

Crazyglues2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )


Oh, no player, it's running everything, the PC and XboxOne and 360 are all on these servers... -(well 360 when that version comes out)

-You notice it too when your playing, trust me, these are some amazing servers - I'm not making this up I've played a lot online, I know when it's really good.. and this is the best I've ever played...

-But if you still don't believe me from my own experience -(I would not lie to you, as I said I'm a PS4 guy so I'm the last person to give MS props), but here I found this - it's right in the first paragraph -

||.........___||............ ||

curtis922654d ago

I gotta hand it to MS... I was SURE servers would crash and people would be furious. Doesn't seem to be the case. I think the whole cloud stuff that "it'll improve power" is BS, but even if it only means online stability then that's still a big plus.

Allsystemgamer2654d ago

It was chugging last night erm uh this morning at 12am but it's much better now

iNFAMOUZ12654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

Really, you had to use your sneaktroll tactics, it will improve power and performance, be patient, the dang thing just released 4 months ago

BlackTar1872654d ago

well to be fair the servers weren't hit like other games are with a bigger install base and bigger titles like COD and BF.

jjind2654d ago

Obiviously they were hit hard enough smh.. Anything to shit on the xbox one. I feel you bro

BlackTar1872653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )


You need to get a life. You guys are obsurd in your over protective cry baby tantrums.

It's as if what im saying has no merit. How may people signed onto BF3& CoD black ops 2 Halo2.

You know what? I don't care enough to explain simple logic to a bunch of overly sensitive man childs.

I also find it hillarious that since i mentioned nothing but multi plats all you could read was PS PS pS PS pS PS pS pS. Anti Xbox Anti XBOX Anti XBOX ANTI XBOX.


Audiggity2654d ago

Azure is strong. I had faith.

Where is the instant attack of pro-Sony fanboys screaming "I TOLD YOU SO!" right now?

This is oddly refreshing.

curtis922654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

I'm very pro Sony but MS is taking solid steps forward lately to at least not make me so anti-MS. They seem to be getting their act together across the board. Next Windows will default to the desktop, next E3 is said to be all about games for MS... good moves. Good moves.

zippycup2654d ago

no all pro sony guys bash hel sony fanboy here saying im glad all is running smooth

im one of the few who now that companys need competition if microsoft faltered sony would get lazy and start droping crapy games same whit microsoft in the end us gamers win

have fun whit titanfall

Gazondaily2654d ago

Such a refreshing post. /hug

Competition is key. If only it was between companies and not gamers on different platforms p_p

Audiggity2654d ago

There we go!

Console neutrality leads to a better overall gaming industry.

Volkama2654d ago

I like to think that there are people out there who make awesome games because that is their passion, so they would still do so without competition.

Competition does drive things like value though (see playstation plus).

zippycup2654d ago


yes people make great games becouse they love them sadly corporations are the ones wanting to make money of the end product

some times so much that they will rush a game to get it in stores for lets say christmas iven thou its buggy

there way of thinking is o we can pach it later

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2654d ago
GentlemenRUs2654d ago

All you needed was that first line in the comment, The rest of it is trolling/flame-baiting.

Audiggity2654d ago

I know!

But, look... the opposite happened. A bunch of friendly pro-Sony neutralists popped up as a result.

Cheers - we'll enjoy TF and in 2 weeks wish we could be playing Infamous: Second Son!

LexHazard792654d ago

Dude, dont get them started. Everyones comment was cool til yours came up. I also see PS guys showing MS love even tho they had some doubt at first. Its whatever but yeah the servers actually held up!

zippycup2654d ago

plus im the wird gamer who dosent care about titanfall or infamous lol

im all about the rpg's playing ni no kuni as we speak

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mhunterjr2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

I'm glad the azure servers had a successful launch. Hopefully it means more developers explore uses for cloud compute.

One genre that would benefit greatly is the online open world. Gtav became an NPC ghost town when you went online, because the AI had to be processed on a local machine, offloading that process to the cloud should make for much more vibrant worlds.

Ps: how about some crackdown mp hosted on azure? Ms make it happen!

Audiggity2654d ago

32 - 64 players in next-gen Crackdown w/ a realistic physic engine?

Yes, please.

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