Kernel patches and documentation for PS3 Linux: Boot any PPC linux distro on your PS3!

The day of the Japanese PS3 launch came and went. And with it, it brought along a ton of news. But you still haven't seen the best bit yet! You see, before Sony even released more info about Yellow Dog Linux for the PS3, Power Developer has already released kernel patches and a bootloader so that you can try out Linux on your PS3.

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marionz4449d ago

playing games is just a tacked on feature for the ps3....

Maddens Raiders4449d ago (Edited 4449d ago )

I think Sony's new philosophy is to just tear up the damn playbook and start over. All of this free-range applicability's got me feelin' a little giddy (sorry)! Unbuntu --- woo-hoo! But how about Windows Pro!? This is the perfect excuse for me to tell my wife why I need to take the P3 on all business trips instead of the vaio. If only there was a built in printer. heh-heh

TheMART4449d ago

Here we go!

Let's start the hacking guys... Enjoy the virusses and trojan horses on your 'gaming' system.

I would buy this machine for installing a OS and playing movies if BR became the standard and play games on my 360 and futured Wii...

lalaland4448d ago

That the X360 runs on a modified Win2000 kernel, right?

That Linux is about as popular as a webserver platform as Windows making it a prime target for hackers and virus-coders.

Still the number of Win2000 viruses, trojans and worms are leagues beyond what are in the wild for Linux.

I'd say because of this (in a totally unsubstantiated and unscientific way -- just like you) that an exploit for X360 is far more likely than for the PS3.

In fact, since the standard PS3 OS isn't AFAIK related to Linux, I can't see this in any way opening up for viruses on any PS3 without Linux installed.

I have to ask -- Are you just a MS fanboy passing time slandering your favourite console of hate with unfounded allegations?

If so... why?

Marty83704449d ago

The PS3 has protection on it's chip's to stop viruses/trojan horses etc.Just like the X360 it will be hard to crack.

scriptkiddie4448d ago

I thought the PS3 was a game console

lalaland4448d ago

Which explains why you only see games on the store shelves (atleast for now) and not productivity applications.

It has just a couple of added perks like mediafunctionality, webbrowser and the possibility to install a complete OS if so desired. But games are its main priority and where the PS3 excels.

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