Elder Scrolls Online: Mandated Subscriptions So Players Avoid In-Game Purchases

Without a doubt, Bethesda's Elder Scrolls series is one of the biggest RPG franchises out there. Given the success of Oblivion and Skyrim, it only made sense that the developer would be working on a massively multiplayer title. recently had a chance to sit down with ZeniMax's Matt Firor, director of the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online, to discuss this upcoming release. He let us know a bit more about the factors that led to this game's subscription model.

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troylazlow2661d ago

I have a hard time seeing $64.00 + monthly subscription game will succeed. If I put the game down for a month or two and want to come back to it, it will cost me. just saying I have my doubts. But I have been wrong in the past.

Spikeantestor2661d ago

I'm sure I'm missing something obvious but what costs $64.00?

As for the idea of a subscription plan, I know the response is "you can't do that anymore." But honestly, it's because of all the free-to-play games I'm more ok with this.

A free-to-play model demands that the game be designed around it in some sense. I'd rather play a game designed for enjoyment only, even if it does cost some extra a month.

troylazlow2661d ago

@Spikanestor $64.00 is the price listed for the game on Best Buy's website (Canada) US price should be a little lower.

Spikeantestor2661d ago

Ahhhh, yes. That WAS obvious. Thank you.

Saryk2661d ago

WoW's expansion is $50.00 (with a free 90 toon) and it is subbed. ESO will be fine.