$300 to much for the Wii Fit?

While there are some skeptics about the Wii out there that claim that the Wii's success is largely due to to its lower price point, it would seem to be very ironic that the Wii is still selling on auction sites for around $400. In fact the highest price recorded for someone buying a Wii is at $995.36. And this trend seems to be continuing as the Wii fit, now released in America, is selling for $300 on both used on Amazon and new on ebay. It appears that customers are more willing to pay a higer price for Nintendo products. As Nintendo continues to manufacture 1.8 million Wiis each month we can see just how popular the system really is as it is still hard to find in stores.

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aiphanes4542d ago

Dang I did not know these were gonna be money makers!!!

BrotherNick4542d ago

lol, wiifit is selling out, people want it I guess...that or everyone is ebaying them.

Gondee4542d ago

Nintendo could poop in a game case. then tell people it will make there wii smell bad. And people would buy 1 million copies for 500 each.

Jesus. The wii is almost like drugs.

jadenkorri4542d ago

im gonna let people know in almost everyones town/city/village/island/conti nent/earth/space stations(yes they have one too) there is this place called a GYM, sometimes they'll have a fancy name, but still its a GYM that people goto to exercise... They have weights, playing areas for like basketball or tennis and many other sports, training equipment and many other utilities to meet most of your needs... all for the low price of $20 for 2 month pass (thats my local gyms price). There you can get real exercise and even have a trainer that will give you tips for free on how to lose weight, gain muscle, or whatever your doing or pay the trainer for one on one help if needed...
Parents...buying Wii fit for your kid is not gonna get them to lose weight or exercise, unless Nintendo locks the Wii until named kid uses Wii fit for parental extended time then can play other games... but then id have kids killing me for giving Nintendo that idea...

M_Prime4542d ago

Nintendo prints money.. or at least something very close to it

Skip_Bayless4542d ago

I'm sure Nintendo has entertained the idea of a price raise but that would only taint the Nintendo brand. They must be kicking themselves because Wiis would sell just as much if priced at $300 to begin with.

MK_Red4542d ago

$1 is too much for Wii Fit let alone that.

But seriously, this Wii madness on eBay and Amazon and other places must stop. 2000 bucks for Wii!? WTF.

Mr_Kuwabara4542d ago (Edited 4542d ago )


Where I live (Puerto Rico) there's a bunch of Wii's on the Stops.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4542d ago (Edited 4542d ago )

I agree with you $1 is a lot for WiiFit.

imo Wii should cost 125 EUR due to its technical point.

Also. LOL at Wii Madness

poopsack4542d ago

Kuwabara maybe we can use this advantage.

psycho3604542d ago

Use a 100$ a month gym membership for 3months and you'll be more fit than 1 year of wiifit.

DarkArcani4542d ago

I've seen some people at the gym who do nothing but talk to each other.

Gondee4542d ago

Im sure one good 30 min run on the tredmill would overtake a week of wii fit. Your only moving your body weight, 8 inchs in each direction for godssake

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The story is too old to be commented.