2D Pixel Art + Platforming + RPG = Devious Dungeon

Grab It Magazine details the history of developer Ravenous Games and its newly announced title Devious Dungeon.

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iosgamer2654d ago

Game looks quite cool, but is anyone else getting over pixel art?

Bimkoblerutso2654d ago

You understand that calling something "pixel art" is about as vague as calling something "polygon art."

SlappingOysters2654d ago

Never heard of these guys before, but looks solid.

ZeroX98762654d ago

There's some ios and android title that I wouldn't mind getting on consoles (For more controls options obviously). If they were the same price as on the apple store/play store, I would buy a lot of them.

BluP2654d ago

I'd probably get this if it was for consoles. I HATE mobile and tablet games. And yes, I have played the big hitters and I hate them with a burning passion.

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