Second Son Choices Offer “Different Missions, Completely Different Path”, Says Sucker Punch Producer

T1 - Sucker Punch producer Greg Phillips has revealed new information about anticipated PS4-exclusive open-world action game, Infamous: Second Son, during a recent gameplay interview with GameInformer. T1 highlights the key points from the video, which include new details on protagonist Deslin's powers and the branching effects of morality choices

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Mr_cheese2654d ago

Stuff like this is good for gaming, especially when it comes to replay ability. I like being able to pay a game and find it fresh the second, third run through.

Keep up the good work and looking forward to having a blast

supes_242654d ago

Mr Cheese,
I completely agree with you on the replay ability. I loved playing the good karma then again bad karma in the earlier infamous games. Now this will completely change the way we play including story, missions and paths! This is gonna be an excellent game and hold us inFamous fans over until other AAA titles hit the PS4.

ArchangelMike2654d ago

I'm so playing evil first time round. Cant wait.

No_Limit2654d ago

Might pick this game up on launch then. Finally a new game for my PS4.

morganfell2654d ago

Woohoo, can't wait for this game. One thing is sure, the day after my console's exclusive launches I will be playing it, not spending time on a forum typing away. Maybe some anti-PS4 commenters are bored...


No one is buying what you are selling. That is a poor attempt at stealth trolling. The comment was an obvious jab and you have a short memory. You apparently forget you have this thing called a post history and it is full of PS4 hate.

No_Limit2654d ago

K...since you like digging, HERE is one from my history.

I have a Ps4 and been saying the PS4 is in a gaming drought and am excited that Infamous has potential so I can play my Ps4 again. Please verify that what I just said is my history for me please. THANKS

morganfell2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

Oh I am so sure that is yours. Nice pic you had some friend take. No one is buying that is yours. And your pic in no way excuses your trolling. Owning a console is not a troll license. There are hardened Xbox fans that admit they do not own a PS4 and their vitriol is no where near the level of yours.

Fact: Action is the great definer. You are as you act. Your actions say the closest you have come to a PS4 is that photo.

Let me reiterate. You have a post history and it is full of hate. You are not a Sony or PS4 fan anticipating a game. It is one angry spiteful post after another.

Jeff2572654d ago

I already have my digital pre order paid off. I will be up and playing this as soon as I can on the 21st and I will live stream this as well.

Ashunderfire862654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

same here dude. What is your PSN tag my is legionaire2008. Add me if you want I got PS4.

Jeff2572654d ago

My PSN tag is Jeff257. I have been using this name on various sites and stuff since I created it in 1998 for Yahoo.

Reverie9902654d ago

I want this game and I want it now.