Titanfall: How to Level Up Fast & Easy

Vgamerz writes: "It’s time to get to something that really matters: how to level up fast in Titanfall and get XP points like a pro. You probably know that a higher rank in the game offers a lot more options and makes the entire game a lot more fun, so we should do our best to gain more XP points and level up faster than the rest in Titanfall. Hopefully our guide will help you get through this process safe and sound (and fast), so let’s check it out below!"

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Fasttrack762306d ago

I just intend to play the game and enjoy it and my rank will take care of itself

hiredhelp2306d ago

Hit nail on the head EXACTLY.

NeloAnjelo2306d ago (Edited 2306d ago )

This game is already easy to level up.

Just play normally and this will happen. Respawn are great at making games accessible. Some people will be core players, others will be casual. This game will offer space for both.

frostypants2306d ago (Edited 2306d ago )

Oh look...the cheesers have started to ruin the game. People who play games solely to level up quickly are missing the point.

n4rc2304d ago

I'm already seeing generation 2 lvl 40 etc.. Lol.. I'm only 31ish