Top Free MMORPG 2014

What is the top free MMORPG 2014? Here is a list of the top ten best f2p MMORPGs. These are the most popular MMO games that have great graphics, amazing gameplay, and a friendly community.

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il-JumperMT1709d ago

TERA was great until F2P aka Pay to win.

Its great buying Masterwork Alkahest and having people who just got max level with best gear in game due to buying crap from cash shop to sell for retarded prices and buy best gear.

Lets not mention they focus on cash shop items over actual content or BALANCE.

Reverie9901709d ago

I think Aion is also pretty good when it comes to free mmo's.

SteamPowered1709d ago

Im a little sad Path of Exile didnt make the cut. That is Hands Down my favorite F2P game ever.

SteamPowered1709d ago

What would you classify it as?

hellkitten1709d ago

I think its amazing that one of those games has over 1 million players daily.

mmofanatic1708d ago

Thanks for the comments. I'm thinking of revising the list later on in the year when newer games are released. Or should I make an entirely new post?