How to Fix Titanfall Crashes, Graphic Problems and More

Vgamerz writes: "The big day is finally here! Titanfall just got out of beta into a full launch and everybody is excited to play the game. However, not all the players who want to do it are lucky enough to actually enjoy the game as Titanfall crashes or is plagued by graphical problems and more. We are here to help you fix these problems, so if you have any kind of trouble with the game, read on and hopefully you’ll be able to fix it."

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Bigpappy1686d ago

Superior PC version. These things do happen though. Many different configurations.

dedicatedtogamers1685d ago

I tried the PC beta and I had fun, but it isn't the second coming.

I told people a month ago that the beta is a demo. People said they could fix the problems between then and launch.

And they didn't. The retail game is basically the beta with more maps and more modes.

Bigpappy1685d ago

You surely are entitled to that opinion. But look how many are buying the game after playing the same beta.

I would say to each his own. You don't see it as being special, but apparently millions of others disagree.

PainUzumaki1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

Im so glad I canceled my Titanfall bundle...I heard it gets boring after 3-5 hours and this is coming from people who have the game. So no Im not trolling. Only 792p, 6v6, easy to rank up and kill people, no campaign. I just save myself 500+ dollars

nukeitall1685d ago

Nobody noticed it during the limited beta, but somehow they do with the full game?

All I heard is praise, and I'm sorry you will not get to enjoy it....

RadioActiveTwinky1685d ago

I think it's because the Beta had probably the best two maps the game offers. They were perfectly balanced for titans and pilots. Some of the released maps not so much. They are either too big or too small.
Too big for pilots or too small for titans. I do like the atmosphere they provide though.

Kiwi661685d ago

everybody knows it doesn't have a proper campaign hence its a multiplayer game or haven't you been reading any of the articles about TF

AutoCad1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

been on it for now about 10hrs,had to take a break.
but whats wrong with you is that you HEARD,try playing the game yourself first.

TH3BR3W1685d ago

It's called a front door. You open it and there is a real life video game. NO CONTROLLER NEEDED!

I tease. I said 'F' it and bought it before I went to work. Taking a break after only 2 hours but just because I get bored too easy. I will continue here in a few.

Happy gaming.

AutoCad1685d ago

Man ive been working the past week non stop, i need some gaming time lol

TH3BR3W1685d ago

understandable like I said I was teasin lol. I always spend the first day after a launch of a new Final Fantasy and play from sun up to sun down.

TRD4L1fe1685d ago

Really cause I just finish playing since 8:30am est and im holding myself back from turning the game back on. Maybe your friends think its boring cause they're not good at it.

HacSawJimThugin1685d ago

Same here friend...I literally have to force myself to stop because it's all I want to do lol. That game is great. I've had zero lag, no frame rate issues, or any others problems being reported. Ppl want to see this game crash and burn and that is sad. Respawn done an awesome job with TitanFall. I openly admit that 792p is gorgeous and I couldn't be happier with the final product.

HacSawJimThugin1685d ago

You say only 792p like that is a bad thing, yet the game is beautiful. My friends had no idea that that was the resolution. Videos seen on the Internet can not proper convey the game like looking and playing it in person.

6v6 is plenty. The action is over the top and it works so that argument needs to die. The campaign is multiplayer but you would know all of this if you actually played the game versus going off of what you heard. I mean honestly do you always believe what ppl tell you because if so then you are losing out on a stellar title and an awesome console.

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mochachino1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

I always think I should get into PC gaming until I hear theres too often hassles around launch.

With so much time spent on work and life obligations, I just want to buy my game and play it, not spend time trouble shooting.

mcarsehat1685d ago

It happened with cod 4, They sort it all after this game.