Sony counters Titanfall with Watch_Dogs and Destiny

With Titanfall launching, Sony is making use of an old Xbox 360 marketing trick. The Japanese company is pushing ads for Watch_Dogs and Destiny and bookending those ads with PlayStation 4 branding. It's subtle way of cementing an association between there console and those eagerly awaited games.

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kazuma9992654d ago

Destiny = owned titanfall <--- dont deserve a capital T

HanCilliers2655d ago

With Titanfall not featuring in certain countries, and both WD & Destiny appealing to different genres... good one Sony

Bonkerz2655d ago

X1 has those games as well, sorry Sony.

lord zaid2655d ago

Did you read the article? That's the whole point. Those games are multi-platform, but the adverts are pushing the fact that they're on PS4 and completely ignoring the that they are multi-platform.

Its a subtle marketing trick to associate those games with PS4 and not Xbox One.

Jdoki2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

Yeah. MS have been doing it for years in the UK. Just about every EA game was made to look like an Xbox360 exclusive.

It's a simple trick

MysticStrummer2655d ago

80 million 360s and countless mid range PCs have Titanfall.

lord zaid2655d ago

True. But Sony aren't trying to stop people buying X360s and PC. They're trying to get people to upgrade to PS4.

MysticStrummer2655d ago

Until we get to a point where PS4s are sitting on shelves for awhile, Sony is selling about as many as they can. People will either wait or they won't. Titanfall isn't the kind of game, in gameplay or visuals, that would make me buy an XB1 but to each their own.

Like the article said, this is no different than multi plats having only "360" at the end last generation. As someone who looks online for gaming info, that kind of psuedo-subliminal advertising has no effect on me, but for more casual gamers it might. Of course those people might also not know much about Watch Dogs or Destiny, but the games do look cool and make an impression. Those people also won't know about the alleged Watch Dogs downgrade either.

It's late and I'm not sure my thoughts are exactly flowing with logic, but in my fuzzy mind I had a point in there somewhere.

Peace and good gaming.

TheGreatAndPowerful2654d ago

Doesn't Sony have a month long exclusivity deal for DLC with Bungie?

medman2654d ago

But the games will look better, and play better, on PS4.

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B-radical2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

Theres no way MS can counter attack watch dogs and destiny.

if only they were coming to x1

to some extent if you do advertising on a multiplat your kinda advertising for all platforms except you can advertise exclusive dlc thats about it

iamnsuperman2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

This was similar to what happened last generation. Multiplatform games were being advertised for the 360. The reason? It was because it had the biggest market share in certain regions (us and uk) . This time around Sony has that which is why it is happening to the PS4

B-radical2655d ago

I remember a time at the end of an advertisement all platform logos would show up at the end

urwifeminder2655d ago

Think this is on the wrong page Sony stuff is over there <.

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