Phil Spencer teases Xbox One games at the DirectX 12 Conference

Snowbau5: Can we expect to see any XB1 games at GDC, more specifically at the DX12 conference?

Phil Spencer: Working on a couple of things, checking builds this week.

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christocolus2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

It was kind of obvious cos Ms wouldnt just announce a new direct x without showing the industry its benefits and what better way to show it off than using an xbox one game.

In his other tweet Phil also hints at Age of Mythology coming to the xbox one..says they are in the concept phase.

ArbitorChief2658d ago

I really hope they show Quantum Break or Halo 5, those two games seem most likely to utilize DX12.

christocolus2658d ago

I would love halo5 or a new ip actually..

maniacmayhem2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

I doubt we would see anything Halo at GDC during a DX12 showing. MS flagship titles deserves the main stage at a E3.

If anything we'll see tech demos running on X1 and maybe a sneak peek at a real unannounced title.

GameNameFame2657d ago

So much smokes and mirror here.

Xbox One isnt powerful enough to run dx11. It does not have power to run much complicated processing.

Also, this will get ported to PS4 and Opengl anyways.

Just google opengl tesselation.

This aint secret sauce folks.

OpieWinston2657d ago

So you think because you can google you have a clue how the driver works?

Direct X > Open GL anyday of the week.

BX812657d ago

If halo5 comes out this year I would think they would show it at e3 no?

mewhy322657d ago

It's a tough job that Phil's got. really tough.

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ArbitorChief2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Oh a new IP would be glorious as well but secretly I pray for Banjo 3 :)

BluP2657d ago

I hate everything Xbox and Microsoft. But if they released Banjo 3 (a REAL sequel, not like Nuts & Boltz! I had the displeasure of playing it) I will have to buy an Xbox One for it. That's the only game I can think of that would warrant a purchase of an Xbone for me. You listening Microsoft?!

SilentNegotiator2657d ago

So long as they don't change the gameplay to force in XBL play again.

Mr Pumblechook2658d ago

Phil Spencer is certainly getting the hang of how to work the media!

Berenwulf2658d ago

I don't think Microsoft has a "BIG" surprise, they will show the benefits of DX12 and show some demos and stuff...

koliosis2658d ago

Can't wait on what they'll be showing

Hugodastrevas2658d ago

Come on M$ now is the time to show what you can do. Come on dammit, i miss the skirmishes we had back and forth with the xbox fans...

CertifiedGamer2658d ago

It's in Microsoft best interest to let Sony also use directx12. Microsoft and Sony relationship reflect apple and samsung mobile relationship. Sony voted and is letting Microsoft use Blu-Ray on X1. Sony is helping Microsoft with the music on the xbox one. Microsoft sells codes to Sony, and I think they will allow Sony to also use directx12 whenever a multi-platform game needs it if not their is OpenGL and update features that will make it as close to directx12 as possible.

ArbitorChief2658d ago

It's not that simple. DirectX only works on Windows OS based platforms and Playstation certainly isn't built on Windows OS, not to mention DX12 will require certain hardware and I don't think Sony would of built the PS4 with DX12 in mind as only Microsoft would of known about it. Even if they updated OpenGL with DX12 features, the PS4's custom OpenGL API wouldn't use these features.

Kavorklestein2658d ago

Actually it's not. It's not like Blu-Ray, where that's a mandatory format to go forward with publishing on disc. Directx 12 is proprietary, and Sony already has the edge on graphics (for now)even if MS offered Dx 12 to Sony (as if that's even possible with no windows os, or hardware) I'm sure Sony would be too smug to think they need it.

No_Limit2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

To certifiedGamer,

I see fear in your eyes! DX12 will be MS exclusive and the XB1 customized GPU chip that MS spent $3 billion on from AMD is made for DX12. Sony is basically S.O.L on DX12.

SniperControl2658d ago

Mantle is made for AMD, which utilises 0 aspects of DX, hence why MS bought out DX12.

WeAreLegion2658d ago

Like OpenGL can't be modified... -_- DX12 is them catching up.

DeadRabbits2658d ago

With the M$ Cloud and DX12 all they need now is to strap a fluxcapactitor to the xbone send it back in time and relaunch it as a proper Next Gen Console!

OpieWinston2657d ago

I'm sorry, bought out Direct X12? They've owned Direct X for years now. This is part of why Microsoft is the lead in the software business.

I'm sorry...DX12 is them catching up? Direct X11 has only been fully utilized by several games and Open GL is on like Direct X11.2s lvl of optimization.

SniperControl2657d ago


Lol, people on here take things literally dont they?

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MegaRay2658d ago

Calm down kid, xbone will never be as strong as PS4.
You can sleep now, no more nightmares lol

OpieWinston2657d ago

1. Sony is making money off each X1 that's sold...It's part of LICENSING out the Blu-ray player
2. X1 was designed for Direct X12 in production...While the PS4s GPU was designed for Open GL. This is part of Albert Penello saying that they wouldn't give up a rough 30% advantage to Sony...They just needed to wait until they had Direct X12 finished before they could update the Direct X11.2 drive and unused APUs on the X1 GPU.

Hicken2657d ago

Cuz DirectX 1 will magically cut into that power advantage, and Sony will have nothing to say about it on their end, as far as it pertains to software.

What don't you guys get about that? Software cannot bridge the gap, especially when Sony can improve their software, too.

SniperControl2657d ago

What I don't get is this, people (well xboys) seem to think MS are making all these strides in improving the X1, that MS are gonna release all these games, but what they don't see (don't want to see) is that Sony are also making great strides improving the PS4 as well.

yarbie10002657d ago

before sony had to dump them. Didn't Sony laptops come with windows?

SilentNegotiator2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Who needs DX when you have OpenGL? It isn't the 90s, OpenGL is a great API.

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