Dark Souls II: The Kotaku Review

Dark Souls II begins by telling you that you're flat-out screwed.

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wannabe gamer2660d ago

this game is getting reviewed pretty early it seems. isnt the release date still like a month and 2 weeks away?

Captain Qwark 92660d ago

today in north america on ps3 and 360. one month for the pc version here

wannabe gamer2660d ago

thanks i was indeed looking at pc release date

wannabe gamer2660d ago

i like how instead of providing an answer to my question everyone just clicks disagree lol

Captain Qwark 92659d ago

lol some people jsut like to disagree i guess. amazing game btw

Kos-Mos2656d ago

I`m about to finish Europe that is. HAHA

CrashJones2660d ago

They weren't aloud to let loose their reviews until today.

I'm loving it, as I thought I would... it's even better then I hoped for.