What is Life - A look at Non-Playable Characters

Taryn writes: "The latest scientific theories regarding our reality hypothesize that we aren’t real at all. In fact, we are likely holographic projected representations of data stored on a flat disc. I’m not saying that this is true, it’s just a theory. But this could be ‘just a theory’ in the same way that evolution is ‘just a theory,’ and evolution is a damn good one.

SimCityFor the sake of the rest of this article let’s assume that this theory is true. That we are, as the theory states, holographic projections and that this is in fact our reality. This means we’re essentially living in the craziest and most complex simulation I could possibly fathom. Ideas regarding religion and philosophy would be turned on their head as our understanding of existence would change fundamentally. Our creators would not be some nebulous idea of a divine creator but instead replaced by users, players. The very concept of free will versus fate is corrupted, replaced instead by the question, “Are my actions my own or the result of scripted programs and events?” Weirder still is the idea that someone, not programming, controls our actions."

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