Microsoft's Xbox Is on Its Last Life

By Matthew Klein: "As Bloomberg View's official video game correspondent, it's my duty to inform you that Sony Corp. is crushing Microsoft Corp. with sales of its latest generation of consoles -- and Microsoft's plan to turn things around seems likely to fail"

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Garethvk2661d ago

The next few weeks will be interesdting, especially whrn Infamous rolls out.

SardoNumspa2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Sony is already selling as many PS4's as they can manufacture so it most likely won't make much difference in monthly sales.

Regardless, the game looks amazing. With preorders of 600k it is certainly going to have very good sales.

Garethvk2661d ago

I wonder if Sony has been holding back units especially with the bundle to have more than usual on the market when the game drops.

HomerDog2661d ago

first maria now heavy. Omg what a bunch of garbage low life people who have nothing else to do. it's like Sony is paying them or something.


@homerdog ... Why are you mad ... Is their opinion .... Read it and move on

medman2661d ago

You can't handle the truth so Sony's paying someone off? Isn't that what Microsoft does best? Stick to legos kid, this gaming stuff isn't for you.

zippycup2660d ago


im a sony fanboy and iven i dont belive it web sites will post whatever gets them more clicks if you like your console and your happy whit it dont read the negative just play and have fun whit titanfall

redwin2660d ago

Bloomberg view? As bloomberg review, or bloomberg news ,Lol. Please, what a insidious use of a title. As if the name itself will validate his opinion . I have both systems, and why is it that I find myself using the box more? I like the ps4, but I love my Xbox .

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Gazondaily2661d ago

Another doom and gloom article and a poor one at that. He draws comparisons to this and the PS3's early struggles but is oblivious to the fact that the X1 can fight back, and hard. Its doing that already.


"There are already rumors that Electronic Arts Inc. may release a version of "Titanfall" for the PS4".


theWB272661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Sad "journalism" isn't it? The X1 is only doing worse COMPARED to the PS4...not against history. No big guns have been released...ah fuhget it.

The PS brand will always outsell Xbox worldwide. There are too many other markets that Sony has wrapped up.

Sad journalism- He stated EA may release Titanfall on the PS4. Is there only a section of the internet that knows about the exclusive deal? It was stated Titanfall will be for it's lifetime. Zampella was disappointed with this, EA announced it.

But I'm sure a rumor holds more weight than facts around here.

Don't bring up Mass Effect...that was a completely different deal.

SardoNumspa2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Sad journalism?

The PS3 outsold the 200 dollar cheaper 360 in its very first year. Even with the bleeding edge Bluray drive diodes being initially in very short supply constraining stock near launch and the early months the system was on the market.

The PS4 is absolutely crushing the XB1 in sales.

The XB1 only sold 140k in the US and about 30-40k in Europe in January. That is less than 200k/month in sales for the XB1.

The PS4 is selling at a rate of roughly 1 million a month right now. And that is while the console is almost completely sold out everywhere with new stock being snatched up almost immediately upon restock.

The PS4 is already close to double the XB1's installed base.

The Wii U has been outselling the XB1 in worldwide sales recently.

There is no way to spin the XB1 as anything but crashing in burning in the market.

GameSpawn2660d ago

"It was stated Titanfall will be [exclusive] for it's lifetime."

The "exclusivity" is part of a contract. Contracts have "safety" clauses, at least those drawn up by smart lawyers. I am willing to bet there is a safety clause in Microsoft's/EA's contract that if a specific number of sales are not met by a specific date the "exclusivity" is broken between the publisher and Microsoft and EA can release on whatever they damn well please.

Dead Rising and Mass Effect BOTH eventually worked their way onto PlayStation platforms.

The ONLY, and I cannot bold ONLY enough here, way Titanfall could have been 100% exclusive is if Microsoft was the PUBLISHER. They are not. Therefore with whatever clauses there were in the contract or enough money to nullify the contact, EA, the PUBLISHER, can break the exclusivity.

Money talks.

Oner2660d ago

Don't forget to add Bioshock to that list Gamespawn.

christocolus2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Lol...Was about to say the same thing. Its weird to see these articles pouring out just in time for titanfalls launch.

Though things may have started out slow for the xbx one i believe it will definitly pick up as long as ms continues to correct the mistakes they made at launch. We've got more AA games in coming ..and Phil and the rest of the team seem to be going in the right direction now... Gdc and E3 will shed more positive light on the console too.

Gazondaily2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

The X1 may be struggling compared to the PS4 but it is still doing very well. Also, the early price cut this early on and Titanfall a few months after launch is proof that MS going to aggressively ensure that the X1 does well.

It is WAY WAY too early to write off the X1. That is just wishful thinking on the part of others and just premature, just like the early gloom and doom articles for the PS3; which was faring worse than MS is back then.

TheGreatAndPowerful2661d ago

It's still doing very well and yet MS refuses to release the latest numbers...wonder why.

XANDEO2661d ago

It's way to early for this as the consoles have being out just a few months. The ps3 turned things around last gen and it's not impossible for another console to do so, just alot of hard work and determination. These doom and gloom articles are just after hits!

G20WLY2661d ago

That's true, but then the PS3 didn't launch alongside the X360. The head start X360 got was the reason PS3 ever had anything to turn around.

The current situation, while far from conclusive within the generation, is completely different.

SardoNumspa2661d ago

The PS3 outsold the 360 in its very year on the market. And every year it has been on the market.

There never was anything for Sony to turn around.

XANDEO2661d ago

These consoles have to make cash at the end of the day and the ps3 in it's early days was losing Sony millions upon millions hence the reason for the slim and the relaunch, this is how they turned there fortunes around.

XANDEO2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Double post

Insomnia_842661d ago

Reality check!!

Excellent article.

mrpsychoticstalker2661d ago

Reality Check!!

its too early to categorize the Xbox One as a failure, Sony needs the competition if it wants to survive, last time I checked:

Microsoft has millions in its pockets to push the Xbox One, so to see it as a failure will take years.

Godmars2902661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Still, there comes a time when you have to cut your losses. And if the Xbox brand is only an investment with little return, no matter how much they make elsewhere, MS is either going to sell off or close down the division if the only way it continues is that they have to keep putting money into it.

And it has been years since they've been doing that.

PixelNinja2661d ago

It seems some people are forgetting about the WiiU ._.

Godmars2902661d ago

What about the WiiU?

People still have yet to do a reality check on the Wii. Admit that overall only new, casual, gamers bought it, that they bought no games for it, and they were too confused with the WiiU's initial presentation to buy that system on the same gimmicked novelty.

Likewise the 360 lost its #1 standing because of failure to effect the EU and Japan, and right now it looks like the XB1 isn't going to do any better.

TheFallenAngel2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Xbone is not doing that bad. It's not doing anywhere near as the ps4 but it's not doing terrible. PS4 is doing Heisenberg level.

G20WLY2661d ago

Would that make XBone Badger and Skinny Pete level?

They got by fine, but were never gonna run the show... ;P

AgitatedOcelot2660d ago

Don't talk that way about the two best assassins west of the Mississippi!