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Liam Lambert, GIZORAMA - Steam’s Early Access platform has come under a fair amount of criticism as of late. Many consumers believe that Early Access merely sells a promise; an assurance from indie developers that a game will be good at some point, just not yet. I’ve played a few Early Access games and enjoyed watching them blossom into fully fledged games, but all of these at least had something for me to sink my teeth into from the get-go. They might have had stages, assets or elements missing, but generally there was some kind of core experience to tell me whether a game had promise or not (see Kenshi or Speedrunners).

Unfortunately, Race to Mars, a turn-based space company simulation game from Polish developers INTERMARUM, is no such game. In fact, Race to Mars is in such an “early” form of Early Access, that I might as well have been playing a developer meeting mind map."

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