New Challenger Approaches: Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS | Hardcore Gamer

Super Smash Bros. is shaping up to be the greatest entry in the franchise. Not only for its new characters, stages and mechanics, but for the overall design, look and feel of the game. E

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Geobros2658d ago

Very nice preview!! I know we are far away from the release day of the two games but o be honest I cant wait till end of the year, I want them!!!

ValKilmer2658d ago

Totally agreed. This could single-handedly save the Wii U.

DryBoneKoopa852658d ago

I think it's a GREAT addition to the library. I can't wait. I feel Super Smash Bros. U is going to be the best one yet.

Common, it has Sonic AND Mega Man showing up to throw down.

New fighters like little Mac and Rosalina I think are going to become fun game changers as well.

DarkHeroZX2658d ago

Well no this is also available for 3ds. It will sell well on both platforms but it will not be the saving grace.

wheresmymonkey2658d ago

I hope they put pacman in it. Then you could have a proper old school mascot battle royale.

SpiralTear2658d ago

I would be very surprised if Pac-Man wasn't an unlockable character.

jonboi242658d ago

I find it funny he made a preview for fighting game he has yet play or have actually seen an actual match take place. I'm not including the gameplay demo from E3 because some mechanics were not showcased. Still very excited for this game. Should a great game and who knows it may give Melee a run for its money. Though hopefully it doesn't get to casual. Already sad about edge guarding disappearing.

wonderfulmonkeyman2658d ago

It hasn't disappeared, there's just more factors determining how long/effectively you can hog an edge now.
You've got to keep a good eye on your own damage compared to that of your opponent as well as how long they've been in the air compared to you before deciding to edge hog or not.
It's adding depth to a familiar mechanic, that's all.